Yoo Hae-ran, who has 5 victories on the KLPGA tour, has emerged as a strong candidate for next year’s rookie of the year by taking first place in the Q Series of the US LPGA tour.

Hae-Ran Yoo recorded a total of 29 under par 545 strokes by reducing 4 more strokes in the final 8 rounds of the LPGA Tour Q Series held at Highland Oaks Golf Course in Doseon, Alabama, USA on the 12th (Korean time). Ranked 1st out of 100 participants from all over the world dreaming of the ‘LPGA Dream’. In particular, after 2 weeks of 8 rounds and 144 holes of hell, she rose to the highest place and saved the pride of Korean women’s golf. The Korean player’s Q series chief is the third after Lee Jung-eun in 2018 and Annarin in 2021.

Yoo Hae-ran said, “I’m proud that I won first place and that I won as a Korean player for two years in a row.” Then, he said, “I didn’t know I would get an LPGA Tour card so quickly. I still can’t believe I got to play on the LPGA Tour. The best player in the world. I look forward to playing with you,” he added. 토토

Now, Yoo Hae-ran is going to continue the lineage of the ‘Korean Player LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year’, which was cut off. Starting with Kim Se-young in 2015, Korean players won the LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year award for five consecutive years, including Jeon In-ji, Park Seong-hyun, Ko Jin-young, and Lee Jeong-eun. However, in 2021, following the “monster long hitter” Patty Tawatanagit (Thailand), in 2022, Ataya Titikkun (Thailand) gave up the newcomer’s seat in a row.

I also have a personal goal of winning the Rookie of the Year award on both the KLPGA Tour and the LPGA Tour.

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