Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-23 As women’s professional basketball enters the second half, the ranking battle is in full swing.

1st place Asan Woori Bank’s winning streak, which seemed to be splitting bamboo, was stopped at 14 games, and Bucheon Hana 1Q, which had been sluggish, seems to be shaking little by little as it escaped its long losing streak.

Hana 1 Q escaped from an eight-game losing streak by winning 65-56 against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance held at the Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 19th.

After the 2020-21 season, Hana 1Q’s power weakened as Kang Isul, who had been playing the role of an ace for a long time, left for Cheongju KB. There was a top-notch guard named Shin Ji-hyeon, but the power to support him was not strong, so this season was also classified as a low-ranking team. It was also disappointing that he did not have a clear power reinforcement during the off-season.

When I opened the lid, it was as expected.

Hana 1Q, who fell into an 8-game losing streak right after the opening and bowed his head, won his first win against KB in his 9th game on November 30th. However, after that, they lost 8 times in a row and had a difficult time.

Even before the match against Samsung Life Insurance, which placed third, Hana 1 Q was naturally expected to be inferior, but it showed a different appearance.

From the first quarter, while Samsung Life Insurance was self-destructing due to a turnover, they took a big lead with a double-digit score difference, and since then, they have never lost the lead and won by 9 points.

With this, Hana 1 Q escaped from a losing streak and gained confidence that it could do it at the same time. In addition to ace Shin Ji-hyun, who returned from injury, Jung Ye-rim and Yang In-young were responsible for scoring, raising expectations for their performance in the remaining games.

Realistically, it is not easy for Hana 1Q to advance to the playoffs. However, if the performance shown this time can be maintained a little more, the role of the so-called ‘red pepper powder unit’ seems possible.

On the other hand, Woori Bank, which was in the unrivaled first place with 14 consecutive wins, was caught by Shinhan Bank in Incheon on the 18th, and the upward trend was broken.

It has been 68 days since Woori Bank lost 74-85 in a game against Samsung Life Insurance on November 12 last year. 메이저사이트

Woori Bank tried to break the record of 17 consecutive wins established in the 2013-14 season and 2014-15 season, but failed.

Due to the strong momentum, he even surpassed the record for the most consecutive wins in a single season (19 consecutive wins) set by Ansan Shinhan Bank in the 2008-09 season, but the winning streak that he painstakingly built collapsed as he lost to Shinhan Bank.

Of course, there is a small possibility that Woori Bank, a strong candidate for the championship this season, will fall just because it lost one game. Park Hye-jin, Park Ji-hyun, Choi Yi-sam, Kim Jong-un, and Kim Dan-bi are in good shape, so they can go back to winning streak mode at any time.

However, the fact that Shinhan Bank’s victory gave the other teams confidence and hope that ‘we can defeat Woori Bank’ is an unwelcome factor.

For Woori Bank, which still maintains the ‘absolute first-team system’, it is most important not to lose in a row in the next game.

Woori Bank will face Hana 1Q at home on the 26th. If Woori Bank loses in this game, the ranking fight in the second half can go into a more unpredictable structure.

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