A former mercenary from the Wagner Group, a private Russian mercenary company, has exposed the reality of the brutal war.

It is claimed that the mercenaries were treated as ‘cannon fodder’ and summarily executed.

Reporter Kim Ji-sun reports. 스포츠토토


Andrei Medvedev, a Russian mercenary who was a member of the Wagner Group and served as a field commander in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine, the most formidable battlefield.

The reality of the front line revealed by a 26-year-old young man who escaped from the base at the end of last year and came to Norway was shocking.

The Russian prisoners, who were put in large numbers as mercenaries, were driven into the battlefield as ‘cannon fodder’ without any tactics, and as the bodies piled up, more prisoners were recruited.

If they refused to fight, they were often shot to death in front of the recruits.

<Andrei Medvedev / Ex-Russian Mercenary> “The scariest thing was realizing that those you thought were your countrymen could kill you in an instant, on someone’s orders. Your people, maybe that’s the scariest thing. would have been.”

Medvedev referred to President Putin’s closest aide and founder of the Wagner Group, Prigozhin, as a ‘devil’.

He also criticized that the consolation money promised to the bereaved families was not paid while treating it as ‘missing’ rather than ‘warrior’.

He, who recently applied for asylum in Norway, said he hopes his statements will help bring Putin and Prigozhin to court.

<Andrei Medvedev / Former Russian mercenary> “I have decided to openly resist to help the perpetrators be punished. And I will do everything in my power to make it go in vain.”

On the other hand, Prigozin completely denied the allegation of non-payment of consolation money for the dead, but refused to comment on the rest of the remarks, saying it was a ‘military matter’.

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