“We will show a good performance in the remaining games.”

Hongik University tasted victory after a long time with a set score of 3-1 (25-21, 25-19, 21-25, 25-19) in the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League preliminary match against Kyunghee University, which was held on the 26th at Seonsunggwan, Kyunghee University, Yongin. .토토사이트

Hongik University, which lost consecutively to Chosun University and Inha University, needed a turnaround. They faced Kyung Hee University, who were on a two-game winning streak, but succeeded in escaping their losing streak by putting a triangle formation at the fore. Leading setter Lee Yu-bin (junior grade, 188cm) led the team, and main striker Kim Jun-ho (sophomore, OP, 198cm) led the team to victory with 20 points.

Lee Yu-bin said, “The atmosphere in the team was not good because we kept losing, so we tried hard to change it. Thanks to winning this game, we can change the atmosphere, and it is so good,” said Kim Jun-ho, “Kyung Hee University was determined to catch it, so we prepared hard. I am happy that I won because I prepared well.”

From the 1st and 2nd sets until the middle of the 3rd set, Hongik University caught the flow perfectly. However, after a sudden loss of momentum, he lost his game and dragged the match to the 4th set.

Before entering the 4th set, Lee Yu-bin said, “As the atmosphere in the 3rd set was not good, I was determined to find the atmosphere as good as possible.” It went well because I went in to do it comfortably without any rush.”

I couldn’t come out with the best lineup this season that I originally planned. Noh Jae-hong (junior, OH, 196cm) and Seon Hong-woong (junior, OH, 198cm) are unable to play in the league due to injuries.

As the main setter and main striker, the pressure was bound to increase. Lee Yu-bin said, “I had a headache because the two outside heaters suddenly switched. Still, I was able to improve thanks to the coach who kept making plays from the side.”

Kim Jun-ho also said, “It would be a lie if I said there was no pressure. Still, it is my role to solve the difficult ball, and I have more responsibility because I have to do well.”

Hongik University wants to have a chance to rebound. From the remaining league games to the upcoming regional competitions, I pledged to show better performance. Both players said, “Since we are a team made up of lower grades, I think it is a growing team. If I win one win at a time as my skills improve, I think I will be able to achieve better results. From the remaining league games to the local competitions, I will show you a good look.”

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