“I want to focus on facing the ‘team’ of Korea rather than individual players.”

The Zambia women’s soccer team, led by coach Bruce Mwafe, will play a friendly match against Korea at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th.

Zambia qualified for the final round in third place after South Africa and Morocco in the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations, which also serves as a World Cup qualifier in July last year. They are in Group C with Spain, Costa Rica and Japan.

Coach Bruce Mwafe, who we met at the Suwon World Cup Auxiliary 바카라사이트Stadium on the 6th, said, “We have been preparing for the World Cup. Recently, he participated in a competition held in Türkiye. I think this will be the second process to prepare for the World Cup,” he said, expressing his feelings ahead of the Korea match.

Zambia is a sparring opponent for Morocco, which is tied to South Korea in the upcoming World Cup. Zambia, ranked 77th in FIFA, is lower than Korea (17th), but it is worth noting that it is a mock test in preparation for its group stage opponent, Morocco.

Director Mwafe said, “Even on the same African continent, there are different parts as well as tactics. We also faced Morocco in the Africa Cup, and it definitely felt like a different team.”

Korea is preparing for the World Cup step by step under the direction of coach Colin Bell. In response, coach Mwafe said, “I am cautious about evaluating Korea, but I know that it is a very good team. It is a great team that has also advanced to the World Cup.”

Ji So-yeon, Korea’s main player, suffered an ankle injury during her team’s match just before, making it difficult for her to play in the match against Zambia. He has to watch the secondary conduction condition. “I didn’t know if he was injured or not,” Mwafe said. We want to focus on facing the ‘team’ of Korea rather than individual opponents,” he said. “Korea is an Asian team. Japan, which is in the same group as us, or China, who faced off in the Olympics, can be examples. We need to focus on what kind of play style Asian teams show as a whole,” he emphasized.

Zambia entered the country in the afternoon of the previous day (5th). And on the morning of the 6th, I digested my first training in Korea. Five of the convened members joined later in the day. Coach Mwafe said, “The time when domestic players and overseas players joined was different. The players from Spain have not yet arrived. That part is a little disappointing,” he said.

There are three things I want to check in the Korean War. Coach Mwafe said, “Ahead of the World Cup, the physical part, such as stamina and physical struggle, the second is the technical aspect of the players, and the last is the tactical part. It is important to show what we are doing well in the two games,” he said with strength.

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