If you finish fourth in the English Premier League, you qualify for the annual Champions League. So the teams do everything they can to get into the top 4.

However, even finishing fourth this season안전놀이터 may not qualify for the Champions League. For the 4th place team, this is news like thunder from the blue sky.

British media reported on the 23rd that ‘Even if Liverpool and Newcastle finish in fourth place, they may be denied Champions League qualification’. Two teams were put together, but all teams that finished in fourth place had the potential to do so.

In the EPL, which has entered the A-match break, there are 4 teams competing for 4th place. Tottenham are in 4th place with 49 points. Newcastle United are fifth with 47 points, and Liverpool are sixth with 42 points. In terms of points, Liverpool and Newcastle seem to be at a disadvantage, but the number of games is two fewer than Tottenham. If Newcastle wins two matches, Liverpool can catch up to the bottom of the chin.

7th placed Brighton & Hove Albion FC also have 42 points. This team has 3 fewer games than Tottenham. enough to turn around.

However, the British media reported that Newcastle, Liverpool and Brighton are teams that could be denied entry into the Champions League even if they beat Tottenham and finish fourth.

Arsenal and Manchester City, who are in first and second place, are almost certain to advance to the Champions League. Liverpool are working hard to finish in the top four in the remaining matches. Newcastle, Brentford and Brighton are in the same situation.

The media’s analysis is that even if Liverpool finishes in the top 4, the chances of them failing to qualify for the Champions League, although slim, still exist. If Manchester United are pushed out of the top 4, there is a possibility that they will not be able to participate.

In other words, if Manchester United, which has now advanced to the quarterfinals of the Europa League, wins the championship, they will have a ticket given to the winning team and will also qualify for the 2023-24 Champions League. If Chelsea, who are ranked 9th and 10th, unexpectedly win the Champions League this season, they will of course secure the right to participate.

In other words, if Manchester United and Chelsea won the Europa League and Champions League respectively, but do not finish in the top 4 of the English Premier League, other teams, including Liverpool, will be blocked from participating in the Champions League. Instead, it should go down to the Europa League.

There is a precedent in the 2011-12 season. Tottenham finished 4th, but Chelsea, who finished 6th, won the Champions League that year, so Tottenham drank water.

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