Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), former top scorer in the Premier League, has been named among the highest-paid players in the league.

The British media Daily Mail announced on the 17th (Korean time) by investigating ‘the players receiving the most money by club in the 2022/23 season Premier League’.

As the best football league in the world, the Premier League is full of world-class players who receive high salaries. The media looked into who the player with the highest salary for each club was.

In Tottenham, where Korean striker Heung-Min Son is playing, 카지노사이트the player who receives the most weekly wage is Son Heung-min’s ‘soul partner’ Harry Kane, and it has been confirmed that he is receiving 300,000 pounds (approximately 487 million won) every week.

Son Heung-min, who won the Premier League top scorer last season, is receiving the second highest salary after Kane at Tottenham with a weekly wage of 210,000 pounds (about 340 million won).

Tottenham’s third place in weekly wage was, unexpectedly, freshman Ivan Perisic.

Last summer, Perisic signed a free agent (FA) contract with Tottenham with a weekly wage of £180,000 (approximately 292 million won).

The highest-paid player in the Premier League turns out to be Manchester City’s ‘monster striker’ Erling Hollan.

Hollan is earning a whopping £865,000 a week.

According to the media, Hollan’s basic weekly wage is £385,000 (about 625 million won), but he is earning close to 1.4 billion won a week thanks to an easy-to-achieve bonus clause.

Despite his jaw-dropping amount, Haalan is making City happy by delivering performances worthy of his annual salary. This season, Haalan is the league leader with 32 goals.

In addition, Haalan tied the record for the most goals in a single season in the Premier League after 38 league goals with 32 league goals. Currently, the most goals in a season in the Premier League is 34 goals (Andy Cole, Alan Shearer) in 42 games, so it is noteworthy whether Hollan will set a new record for scoring.

Following Holland, Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) and Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) showed off their reputation by earning the second highest salary in the Premier League with a weekly wage of £385,000 (approximately 625 million won).

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