How long do we have to be dragged around by foreign players like this?

It’s now one month since the opening, and it’s already the second exit. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is almost an ’employment fraud’, and the club will be furious. But since I have to play the season, there is no way.

‘Defending champion’안전놀이터 SSG Landers threw the number of wins. It was announced on the 4th that Heni Romero, who could not even make his debut due to injury, was dismissed and signed a contract with Loenis Elias.

Although SSG has abundant local selection resources, it is impossible to continue the season without a foreign selection. Romero, who showed no signs of recovery, was boldly sent back.

Prior to SSG, the Hanwha Eagles also put out Birch Smith, who played only one game in the opening game, and recruited Ricardo Sanchez. Smith threw 60 pitches and left Korea.

Romero and Smith, both stamped on the huge sum of $1 million. The problem is that even if you don’t play a game like this, clubs have to pay all your annual salary by ‘crying and eating mustard’. Both players include an incentive of 200,000 dollars, but even if this amount is not given, a whopping 800,000 dollars (approximately 1.06 billion won) is blown into the air. Hundreds of millions of won are spent on recruiting new players, so the loss is enormous.

This is because the club has no choice but to be ‘B’ when it comes to foreign player contracts. Player resources are limited, but the competition for recruitment is fierce, so negotiations are bound to proceed on conditions favorable to the player. Most of them are salary guarantees. There are no safety devices at all. If a player says he is sick and slows down, there is no way to stop it. In fact, it is a situation where you have to choose ‘Bokbulbok’.

So there are clubs that are cautious about replacement. Money is also a factor that cannot be ignored, and it is also because there is no guarantee that better players will be selected. NC Dinos also have foreign pitcher Taylor Widener and hitter Jason Martin unable to play due to injuries, but are waiting for their recovery. The Doosan Bears also did not give up Dylan Pile, who was hit in the head by a batted ball in spring camp. Dylan will make his first pitch against the Hanwha Eagles on the 4th.

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