Recently, rumors of Kim Min-jae (Napoli) transferring to Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL) are hot.

Kim Min-jae has been rumored to transfer to Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea, but this is the first time that the transfer of Man City, the strongest player in the EPL, has appeared. The fact that Man City’s decisive reason for wanting Kim Min-jae is the world’s best ‘master’ Pep Guardiola made it even more exciting.

Media outlets such as Britain’s 카지노사이트‘Independent’ reported, “Manchester City has joined the race to recruit Kim Min-jae. Guardiola is a big fan of Napoli center back Kim Man-jae. Guardiola wants to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

At the same time, many media focused on Kim Min-jae’s buyout of 40 million pounds (66.5 billion won). That’s why it’s cheap, and that means the competition will be fierce.

Following this, Britain’s ‘The Sun’ explained why Man City, especially manager Guardiola, wants to recruit Kim Min-jae.

The media said, “Korean superstar Kim Min-jae showed off his outstanding skills this season as Napoli moved toward the Serie A championship. Coach Guardiola wanted Kim Min-jae and admired Kim’s talent. In particular, Kim Min-jae not only has an excellent body, but also He is very fast and has stable ball handling feet.”

One of the key conditions for wanting Kim Min-jae is an excellent body. Kim Min-jae is 190 cm. Unfortunately, there is not a single player in the 190cm range among the local Man City center backs. They are Huben Dias (186 cm), John Stones (188 cm), Nathan Ake (180 cm), Manuel Akanji (188 cm) and Emric Laporte (189 cm). If Kim Min-jae comes to Manchester City, he will become the tallest center back.

‘The Sun’ predicted, “Kim Min-jae can join the Manchester City center back group consisting of Dias, Stones, Ake, Akanji, and Raprt.”

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