Gyeongnam FC Park Min-seo reported the contents of the conversation before the game with Chungnam Asan FC Park Min-seo, who played a big role on the same day.

On the 23rd, Gyeongnam, 메이저사이트who played the 9th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, drew 2-2 with Chungnam Asan. After winning one point, Gyeongnam extended their undefeated streak to eight games.

Gyeongnam dramatically escaped defeat. In the 2nd minute of extra time in the second half, Song Hong-min put a cross into the penalty box. Park Min-seo connected with a shot and scored. The video review (VAR) continued for a long time, but the referee acknowledged the goal after checking the video directly through ‘on-field review’.

Park Min-seo, who met in the joint coverage area (Mixed Zone) after the game, said, “We always played tough matches against Chungnam Asan. Today, we played with the mindset to win, but it’s regrettable that it didn’t go as well as we thought.”

Regarding the dramatic equalizer moment when the VAR was extended, he recalled, “I was convinced that it was a goal. I thought that luck would follow because our team prepared earnestly.

Park Min-seo has a high scoring purity. In his last season, he scored three goals, including his debut goal on the professional stage, which was the equalizer, the winning goal and the winning goal. He also scored an equalizer that saved the team from the brink of defeat. He explained, “I haven’t been a good goal scorer since I was young, so if the opportunity comes, I just think that I have to make good use of it. If the opportunity comes again, I will try to focus and make it well like today.”

On the other hand, this day’s game was a game in which ‘Park Min-seo’ played a big role. Gyeongnam’s Park Min-seo not only scored the equalizer, but also Park Min-seo from Chungnam Asan scored 1 goal and 1 assist. The two Park Min-seo are senior and junior in elementary school. Park Min-seo, a two-year-old older brother of Chungnam Asan, said at a press conference after the game, “It’s unfortunate that Min-seo scored a goal today, but from a senior point of view, it’s good that the juniors are doing well.”

When asked about this, Gyeongnam Park Min-seo said, “In elementary school, I was nicknamed Big Min-seo and Little Min-seo. It’s a senior I longed for. Min-seo scored the first goal today, so I was a little jealous, not jealous, but I scored the last goal and caught my ankle. I’m glad you like it.” He laughed.

He continued, “I am followed on Instagram. Before the game, Minseo joked with me to do well, and Minseo said, ‘Don’t do well.’ told

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