“Don’t get involved in Korean soccer anymore, cut ties”.토토사이트

These are some of the strongest words of criticism coming from within the Korean Football Association (KFA) toward its president, Chung Mong-kyu. A KFA labor union member wrote an op-ed in the union’s newsletter, which provides a glimpse into the mood inside the organization.

In the May issue of KFA’s Novo Green Card, an anonymous KFA union member wrote a piece titled “Farewell from the Union to the President,” in which he directly criticized Chung. The article calls for the end of Chung’s decade-long presidency, especially in light of the recent amnesty controversy.

“We thought we were going to have a spring in Korean football once again, but because of the so-called leader’s ‘foolish decision,’ we are facing a harsh winter without being able to enjoy the springtime energy of Korean football,” the member said. “After the amnesty was withdrawn, after reading a single apology, and after watching the entire executive team silently fill the vacant positions with other people, we realize that (Chairman Chung’s) DNA is different from the DNA of ordinary people.”

“The pardon decision and the withdrawal, why should the shame be on me. I want to be shameless,” he said, adding, “Even though each member’s evaluation of the results set by the organization may differ, empathy for the purpose and confidence in the process are necessary to be shameless in front of the football world and fans.” He pointed to the recent pardon controversy and the withdrawal skit that was unilaterally decided by the board.

Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korean Football Association. Photo: Korea Football Association

“It is said that in 10 years, rivers and mountains change, but the rivers and mountains of Korean soccer, which were built by the members of Korean soccer with their blood and sweat, have not only disappeared by President Chung Mong-kyu, but all the bridges that can be crossed have been destroyed, and we seem to be living in a world without communication, where we cannot go back and forth,” he added.

“The KFA labor union unequivocally states that it is the ‘private side’. Our labor union and its members are the ‘side’ that sincerely cares about the future of the KFA and Korean soccer, much more than Chung Mong-kyu’s executive team.” “Enough is enough. Let’s stop talking about Korean soccer at this point.”

Another member called for Chung’s resignation. “I want him to go back to his job, do his job, and apologize for the accident he caused for the rest of his life, and live with the memory of the sins that have destroyed the football world for the past 10 years. He should no longer be involved in Korean soccer and cut ties at this point,” the member said.

“The KFA does not belong to Mr. Chung Mong-kyu alone. With the financial help of the chairman, our life will be a little better, but even without his help, the KFA has enough capacity to survive, overcome, and develop with our love and support. Please leave the future of Korean soccer to us,” he added.

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