Pirate Captain’ Andrew McCutchen (37) returns to the Pittsburgh Pirates. What effect will it have on Korean big leaguers Choi Ji-man (32) and Bae Ji-hwan (24), who will be eating together?

The Pittsburgh local media ‘Pittsburgh Post Gazette’ reported on the 13th (Korean time), “McCutchin agreed to a one-year contract with Pittsburgh and is about to return. It is a one-year contract and has a medical test left.”

True to his nickname, “Pirate Captain,” McCutchen built his reputation by playing as a key player during the nine seasons (2009-2017) he played for the “Pirate Team” Pittsburgh. He reached his prime, being selected as the National League MVP (2013) and All-Star (2011-2015). He later played for the Philadelphia Phillies and last season for the Milwaukee Brewers.

McCutchen and Pittsburgh reunited again after six years and are now together. It is a meaningful contract for both the individual player and the team. The lineup is expected to become even stronger with the addition of McCutchen. McCutchen, a corner outfielder, played more often as a designated hitter until last year, but he is still showing competitiveness. 스포츠토토

Before McCutchen was recruited, the media predicted Pittsburgh’s expected lineup for the 2023 season, with Choi Ji-man as the fifth hitter and first baseman, and Bae Ji-hwan as the first hitter and center fielder. However, the trend is expected to change somewhat. According to the Pittsburgh expected lineup of ‘Fox Sports’, a sports media outlet, Bae Ji-hwan was excluded from the starting list.

Bae Ji-hwan is expected to be center fielder, and expected to match left fielder Brian Reynolds and right fielder Jack Swinski. However, with McCutchen joining, the composition of the outfield changed. Reynolds will move to center field and McCutchen will likely play left field. Bae Ji-hwan can play both second base and outfield, but Rodolfo Castro is holding out at second base, so he was left out of the starting lineup.

Choi Ji-man was also expected to be affected somewhat. “Major League Trade Rumors (MLBTR),” which reports the news of the transfer to the major leagues, wrote, “One of the offseason recruits, Choi Ji-man and Carlos Santana, will mainly play as the designated hitter, but McCutchen can sometimes serve as the designated hitter.” . It is to inform that Choi Ji-man’s starter may change depending on the opponent’s pitcher and player’s condition.

McCutchen can be used widely as a designated hitter and outfielder. He also cannot ignore the career he has demonstrated during his 14 years in the major leagues. Attention is focusing on how the appearance of catfish man McCutchen will affect Choi Ji-man and Bae Ji-hwan.

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