The penalty alone is (6 million (about 10 billion won). Even if Chairman Daniel Levy pays a large penalty, it is clear why he wants to appoint Arne Slot. This is because they regret that the recruitment of Eric Tenhach, who is at the helm of Manchester United, has failed.

Tottenham’s season is not satisfactory.안전놀이터 Prior to the opening of the season, he aimed to escape from the ranks under Antonio Conte, but the reality was cold. As he was eliminated from all cup competitions, he was confirmed as irrelevant and failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, the remaining top goal. If you make a mistake, you may not be able to participate in the European competition at all.

There are many things to be solved, but the most urgent thing is the appointment of the next coach. Since Conte was replaced in March, he has yet to appoint a replacement. During this period, acting head coach Christian Stellini stepped down to take responsibility for the 1-6 defeat against Newcastle United, and coach Ryan Mason filled the position.

Since Conte was replaced, several candidates for the coach have been mentioned. Among them, Mauricio Pochettino, who led Tottenham in the past, Luis Enrique, who led the Spanish national team, and Roberto de Gerbi, manager of Brighton, were mentioned, and recently, Sporting CP’s Hoobeng Amorim and Feyenoord’s slots were mentioned.

However, negotiations with Nagelsmann, who was mentioned the most, broke down. Local media, including Sky Sports, said, “Nagelsmann has been excluded from Tottenham’s candidate for the managerial position.” The specific reason has not been revealed, but it seems that it has not been able to coordinate differences.

Immediately, a report of refutation came out. Tottenham did not reject Nagelsmann, but it was the opposite situation. Britain’s Daily Mail said, “Nagelsmann refused to take the helm because he was not satisfied with Tottenham’s direction. “He rejected Tottenham’s offer,” he countered.

In this situation, Tottenham is in contact with Slot coach. Britain’s “Football Insider” said on the 18th, “According to internal sources, Tottenham began discussions with Slot coach. Tottenham leaders were impressed by Slot. “He is currently at the top of the list of candidates for Tottenham’s next head coach,” he reported.

Britain’s “Sky Sports” also said, “There are growing concerns inside Feyenoord that Tottenham will lose its slot coach. Slot is currently the No. 1 candidate for Tottenham’s next head coach. Of course, Feyenoord is still trying to stay as a slot manager. “We are planning to double his annual salary of 4 million euros (about 5.7 billion won).”

There is a huge penalty, but Chairman Levi’s idea is firm. The reason is that he regrets missing coach Ten Haach. “Tottenham regrets not being able to advance interest in Tottenham’s managerial position to then-Ajax coach Tenhach in 2021,” said Alessdair Gold, a reporter for Britain’s “Football London.”

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