“We are players who have to do our best on the soccer field. Whichever coach comes, you have to play the football he wants.”

Soccer team sideback Kim Jin-soo (31, Jeonbuk Hyundai) made a statement about the appointment of the next national team coach at a media camp press conference on the 12th. In a situation where some players of the national team are voicing their voices about the next coach, Kim Jin-soo said, “There is nothing I can say. Every player will have their own convictions. If I can appoint this coach because I like it, I will talk about it,” he said. “We are players who have to do our best on the soccer field. Whatever manager comes, he has to play the football that manager wants. No matter who comes, if you are a player who takes responsibility in the national team, he must play according to the coach.” It was a kind of prioritization between the coach and the players, but the idea was that the players should move according to the coach’s requests and orders, not the coaches to match the players.

One of the issues that came to mind ahead of the appointment of the national team coach is the level of the players. Former coach Paulo Bento met the ‘needs’ of the players with a high-quality division. He earned the players’ trust through a high-quality training system, body management program, and detailed tactics, which served as a driving force in advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 토토사이트

Due to the competitiveness of the Bento division and the entry of major players into the European big leagues, the national team now needs a leader who can follow or lead the trend of modern soccer. If the next head coach does not meet the expectations of the players, he or she cannot gain momentum in leading the team. To put it simply, ‘the ability to win the hearts of players’ can be seen as the core quality of the next command tower.

In fact, Michael Müller, head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Power Enhancement Committee, said, “I think my position is a role of communication and coordinator. I will communicate with everyone, not just the players, but also the staff. There will be sufficient communication,” he said, revealing his intention to listen to the opinions of the players in the process of appointing a coach.

However, one thing to note here is the order. As Kim Jin-soo said, the criteria for appointing a new coach should be the coach’s philosophy, ability, and leadership, not the players’ thoughts. As each player has different thoughts and standards, it means that it is more important for the association to make efforts to recruit competent coaches with clear subjective and objective indicators. Unless they are absurd figures, players should respect the new captain and contribute to a new voyage rather than recalling nostalgia for the past.

That is why the important thing is the ‘faith’ mentioned by Kim Jin-soo. Kim Jin-soo said, “When Bento coach came at first, he cursed a lot. However, good results were obtained because the players believed in the coach and spent the four years well. By winning every competition, it will be possible to bring good results after 4 years. We’ll have to wait and see who will come, but it’s important for me and everyone to believe in it,” he said, emphasizing that a leader with definite ability and philosophy should believe in it for a long time.

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