Manager Kim Byung-soo (53) takes the baton of Suwon Samsung. Multiple officials familiar with the K-League transfer market hinted through Sports Chosun on the 3rd, “Coach Byung-soo Kim has finished his long agony.

Standing on the edge of the cliff in Suwon.크크크벳 It is ranked at the bottom with 2 draws and 8 losses (2 points) in the opening 10 games of’Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’. On the 17th of last month, manager Lee Byeong-geun was fired. It was super strong. But there was no turnaround. Suwon did not have the strength to hold out any longer. The situation got progressively worse. They lost consecutively to FC Seoul (1-3) – Pohang Steelers (0-1) – Daegu FC (0-1).

The club accelerated the process of appointing a manager. Oh Dong-seok, general manager of Suwon, explained, “I know that I have to prepare quickly, but I can’t get married right away because I met today. It takes a lot of time and effort. In order to maintain a normal team, I think I need to prepare quickly.” Suwon reviewed multiple officials, including director Kim, as candidates. In the meantime, he also broke the keynote of appointing a command tower from Suwon. An official from Suwon said on the 1st, “To recruit a new manager, we reduced the number of final candidates to two and even finished the interview. Coach Kim is also one of the final candidates. We plan to make a decision within this week at the earliest after consultations within the club.”

An anxious time passed. A conclusion was reached at the end of the meeting. Director Kim takes the baton of Suwon. Coach Kim was called a ‘soccer genius’ during his active career. However, his talent, which blossomed too early, held him back. It was the cause of the game that he did not properly treat an ankle injury he suffered in high school. He could not show off his skills on the adult stage without overcoming the aftereffects of the injury. He ended his playing career in 1997 with Trinita, Oita, Japan.

After retiring from active duty, coach Kim started as a coach at his alma mater, Korea University, then coached Pohang 2nd team and coached Yeungnam University, concentrating on nurturing juniors. After taking office at Yeungnam University in 2008, coach Kim smiled broadly as he lifted the championship cup in major competitions such as the 2013 College League King of the Kings match, the 2016 Fall Federation Match, and the National Sports Festival.

Recognized for his leadership, coach Kim took the helm of Seoul E-Land in 2017 and walked the path of a professional leader. Since then, he has worked as a manager since 2018 after going through the Gangwon FC Power Reinforcement Department. When he was in Gangwon, he used offensive soccer nicknamed ‘Byeongsu Ball’. During Kim’s tenure as coach, Gangwon played aggressive football aiming for goals by increasing possession and increasing the number of shots in the opponent’s camp. Gangwon managed to advance to the top split by finishing 6th in 2019. It also ranked 7th in 2020. However, manager Kim stepped down in November 2021 as the team fell into the relegation zone.

Suwon will play Incheon United on the 5th in round 11. On the 4th, the team heads to Incheon, the decisive battleground.

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