Gyeongnam FC’s attack slows down for a while.

Gyeongnam, led by coach Seol Ki-hyeon, missed the chance to take the lead in the 23rd round. They lost 0-2 at home and gave up the lead. Gyeongnam, with 37 points, widened the gap with leader Kimcheon (42 points) to 5 points. Above all, 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 3 matches. There are some things that didn’t win, but only one goal was scored. This is in contrast to the multi-scoring in five consecutive games before that.온라인바카라

Gyeongnam has scored 37 goals in 21 matches this season. This is the top scorer along with Kim Cheon. The scoring ability of Gleyson (11 goals), Won Ki-jong (8 goals), and Castro (6 goals), as well as Gleyson (11 goals), tied for the top scorer, spewed fire. Accurate passes by Mo Jae-hyeon and Park Min-seo (4 assists) also played a role.

However, Gyeongnam’s offense must be based on high-quality crosses from both sides. In particular, in the 19th round against FC Anyang (4-2 win), Gleyson scored all 4 goals with headers for Gyeongnam. It boasts a powerful offer that cannot be stopped even if it is known. In the later situation, the attack using the second ball is also a major option.

Attacks like this don’t have only advantages. Powerful but requires simplicity and consistently good crosses. Since it is a summer with a lot of physical burden, side defenders have no choice but to reduce the frequency of attacks and crosses. Here, the opposing teams also started to respond little by little, which is a task that Gyeongnam and coach Seol need to solve.

Coach Seol said after losing to Gimcheon, “I will not change the attack pattern. He emphasized that he must continue to do what he is good at,” and “I am not ready for the opponent’s (targeting Glayson) person-to-person defense. need to worry If you overcome this hurdle, you will be able to qualify for promotion. “It is a process now,” he said, making it clear that he would not lose his advantage.

Gyeongnam also recruited another foreign striker, Leo, on the 7th following Glayson and Castro. It is a replacement for Miranjingya, who left the team due to injury. He has appeared in 3 games but has no offensive points yet. Above all, Leo needs time to adapt as he has only been on the team for a month. In order to reduce the proportion of Glayson’s goals, Leo’s role and performance are needed in the future.

Fortunately, unlike before this season, there are not many cases where Gyeongnam collapses. It is still the point where the second round robin is not over. As coach Seol said, the path to promotion is open only when you overcome the ‘gobi’. Director Seol’s worries began.

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