The 52nd Youth Sports Festival, which will be held in Ulsan from the 26th, was announced.

The 52nd Youth Sports Festival hosted and supervised by the Korea Olympic Committee will be held for 5 days from May 26th to 30th at the Ulsan University Gymnasium and Ulsan University of Science and Technology Gymnasium.

In Namchobu카지노사이트 16 teams will participate, including Ulsan Songjeong Elementary School, the winner of the elementary basketball tournament, on the home court. In the Women’s Division, 15 teams, including Seongnam Sujeong Elementary School, the defending champion and winner of the Elementary Basketball Tournament, compete for supremacy.

It remains to be seen whether Ulsan Hwabong Middle School and Gwangju Supia Girls’ Middle School, who won the championship in the previous federation president’s competition, will be able to continue their upward trend in the South Central and Women’s Middle Divisions.

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