The midfielder who came to Naples as if he was kicked out of Tottenham is on the verge of winning a medal.

This is the story of former French national team member Tanguy Ndombele. Ndombele left on loan to Napoli last summer ahead of the 2022/23 season. The lease was made very swiftly, but the Italian media believes that former Tottenham general manager Fabio Paratici is from Italy, so the contract was signed through a connection with Napoli general manager Cristian Giuntoli.

His rent was also very cheap.ㅋㅋㅋ벳 Since Tottenham had no intention of using it, he handed over 1 million euros (approximately 1.4 billion won) to Napoli for one year to use Ndombele.

There were some big mistakes, but the Italian press thinks that Napoli used Ndombele well as a member of the rotation.

In Italian Serie A, he was selected only 7 times, but he entered 21 times as a substitute member and got quite a bit of playing time. On March 20, against Torino, he even scored a key goal and contributed to the victory.

Coach Luciano Spalletti even said, “I thought a lot about why I wouldn’t use Ndombele at Tottenham.” Spalletti’s judgment is that his bouncy movements, effective in midfield fights with opponents, and contributed to the rest of the main midfielders.

However, it is known that Napoli wants to use Ndombele more, but is in a position to send it back because of the clause with Tottenham.

This is because the rent is cheap at 1 million euros, but if you transfer completely, you have to pay 30 million euros (about 43.5 billion won) to Tottenham.

From Tottenham’s point of view, since Ndombele was brought in for 60 million euros in 2019, it is natural to want to recover the investment cost as much as possible in Naples, but Napoli considers 30 million euros an outrageous ransom.

Napoli Magazine said, “I am returning to Tottenham after a good journey with Napoli for a year.”

It is the position of Napoli fans that they want Tottenham to revive after winning Serie A with gratitude.

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