How will the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) be remembered for Samsung Lions pitcher Won Tae-in (23)? Despite the disastrous dropout in the first round of the finals and the unfortunate controversy over overuse, he tightened the laces of his sneakers again, focusing more on the wider field of vision he gained from the international competition. 

Won Tae-in is one of the few young pitchers바카라사이트 who revealed his potential in this WBC. He took the mound as the second pitcher against Australia on the important 9th, and took the mound to the fateful Korea-Japan match on the 10th, and performed well as the second starting pitcher. Three days later, he started the match against China and fulfilled his duties. 

However, in the process, he was at the center of controversy over abuse. On the 7th, Won Tae-in also appeared in a practice game against the Hanshin Tigers. He threw 82 balls in 3 games for 4 days, including against Australia and Korea-Japan, and after a 2-day break, he started against China and threw another ball. A bitter controversy ensued. 

However, Won Tae-in thought differently. Tae-in Won, who met with reporters on the 19th, was the first to open his mouth, saying, “There is something I really want to tell you,” even though he did not receive any questions related to this. He said, “I want to say thank you to director Lee Kang-cheol.” 

In fact, Won Tae-in’s condition was not good until the end of the training camp in Arizona, USA. Won Tae-in was disturbed, recalling his condition, saying, “It didn’t even come up 50%.” However, at this time, national team coach Lee Kang-cheol stepped forward. Director Lee Kang-cheol started to teach Won Tae-in through one-point lessons. He gained confidence. 

Due to his poor condition, Won Tae-in could not even dream of playing against Australia or Korea-Japan. He did the same in the practice game against Hanshin on the 7th. A large number of players who will be put into the game against Australia, which will be held two days later, are largely absent. The same goes for Won Tae-in. However, he threw less than planned and came off the mound. Afterwards, director Lee Kang-cheol approached him. “Can I throw it against Australia?”

Won Tae-in recalled that he was really happy with this one word from the director. He said, “Honestly, I was really happy to think that I was able to play in such an important game as I was preparing for another game (less important than the match against Australia and Korea and Japan). Isn’t that the story of gaining trust? I am really grateful to director Lee Kang-cheol for guiding and trusting me until the end without giving up even when it was bad,” he said with a bright smile. 

Director Lee Kang-cheol was not the only person Won Tae-in was grateful for. He also did not forget to thank Hyun-soo Kim (35, LG Twins) and Gwang-hyeon Kim (35, SSG Landers). The two players announced their retirement from the national team after this tournament. Won Tae-in emphasized again that he was honored and grateful for being with them in their final moments. 

He said, “From the Tokyo Olympics (2021), when I was first selected for the national team, (Kim) Hyun-soo has been the captain of the national team. It seemed like he was trying to carry too many things on his own.” I really wanted to say this.” He bowed his head.

Meanwhile, Won Tae-in will start in an exhibition game against Kiwoom Heroes, which will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 23rd. First appearance after taking a WBC break. Won Tae-in said, “I have given everything as a national team player, but now I want to show everything I have as Won Tae-in of the Samsung Lions. He expressed his determination for the new season, saying, “I will work hard and rest well so that I can spend a good season.”

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