The relationship between Lavigne and manager Donovan is not recovering easily.

The ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ reported on the 9th (Korean time) about the relationship between Chicago Bulls guard Jack Lavigne and manager Billy Donovan.

Even with a good composition, Chicago struggled after several bad news in the early stages of the season. Many pointed out that the trio of Jack Rabin, Derma DeRozan, and Nicola Vucevic did not come together perfectly. At the same time, rumors of the trade of Chicago players continued to come out.

However, Chicago succeeded in rebounding with an upward trend of 8 wins and 3 losses in the last 11 games. The trio of Lavigne, DeRozan, and Vucevic also gradually harmonized and erased many voices of concern.

Nevertheless, trade rumors for Chicago’s ace Lavigne continue. If Lavigne makes a team move by this deadline, he’s likely to be a big deal. One of the reasons Lavigne’s trade rumors keep appearing is his relationship with manager Billy Donovan.

It was after the match against Orlando on November 19 last year that the relationship between the two began to emerge. At the time, Chicago lost by one point to Orlando after a close game, and coach Donovan excluded Rabin, who suffered from extreme sluggishness throughout the game, from the lineup for the match. 

After the Orlando game, Lavigne expressed regret, saying, “It is the manager’s authority to appoint players. I do not agree with the decision to send me to the bench.” As an ace leading the team, his pride was hurt.

Later, Lavigne got into heated arguments with teammates over defensive issues. However, the controversy seems to have helped his team a lot. After a halftime argument between Lavigne and his Chicago teammates, Chicago went 8-3.

However, the relationship between Donovan and Lavigne remains tense. The Chicago Sun-Times said, “The relationship between coach Billy Donovan and Lavigne remains tense in the aftermath of last November’s game against Orlando, which sent Jack Rabin to the bench.”토토

Both of them have promised to accompany Chicago for a long time. Lavigne signed a free agent contract with Chicago last summer, and manager Donovan also announced an extension of his contract with Chicago during the season. It is not easy to continue to accompany the relationship as uncomfortable as it is now. If the relationship does not improve easily, there is a high probability that it will eventually break up. 

It’s hard to say that the possibility is very high, but considering the estranged relationship between the two, it is definitely necessary to keep an eye on Chicago in the trade market. Unlike last season, when James Harden and others moved teams, this season, with the exception of Lavigne, there are not many transfer rumors of superstars.

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