The wave surrounding Son Jun-ho, a national soccer player, who was arrested by the Chinese public security authorities, is growing.

In a meeting with the consul in Shenyang, China, Son Jun-ho, who is in custody, left a note to his family not to worry, but the future is uncertain.안전놀이터

Son Jun-ho met with the Korean consul in Shenyang six days after being arrested by the Chinese police.

At this meeting, Son Jun-ho conveyed his regards to his family to the effect of “don’t worry because he is holding up well,” Son Jun-ho’s agent said.

However, the consulate general said they could not share the story about the incident itself.

It is still unknown for what crime Son Jun-ho was detained.

The charges revealed by the Chinese authorities are ‘non-state operatives receiving bribes’, which means illegally accepting property by a person other than a government agency.

It is the same crime applied at the time of China’s massive soccer match-fixing investigation in 2009.

Chinese media reported that Son Jun-ho’s team, Shandong Taishan’s former coach and some players are being investigated for match-fixing misconduct, so Son Jun-ho may also be involved.

This incident is not confined to a specific club’s misconduct investigation, but has a significant impact in that it is an anti-corruption investigation towards the entire Chinese football world.

Since November of last year, the executive department of the Chinese Football Association and the national team coach Lietie have been investigated by the public security authorities, and extensive assessment work continues.

Son Jun-ho, who moved to Shandong Taishan in 2021, faced the biggest crisis in his football life.

Chinese media reported that Son Jun-ho could be imprisoned for up to five years, saying that he was the first foreign player to be investigated for anti-corruption in Chinese football.

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