A ‘crisis’ comes to any team to have a long season. Gangwon FC coach Choi Yong-soo, who described his coaching days as ‘3 years of dumb, 3 years of deafness’, debuted at his command tower on April 26, 2011. Twelve years have already passed. However, there is something that repeats like a ‘jinx’ to director Choi. It’s ‘slow start’. Even in the 2022 season, it was difficult in the beginning. It seemed to be shining, but a crisis came in May and June due to line injuries of players. It fell to 11th place and spent a ‘time of pain’. After all, that time was a memory. As a ‘synonymous with reversal’, coach Choi led the team to Final A and ended the season in 6th place. Gangwon is dreaming of ‘upper water’ once more this season.

However, the ‘slow start’ continues this season. I played 6 rounds,카지노사이트 but I still haven’t reported my first win. Crying over ‘3-3-3’, 3 draws and 3 losses, 3 goals. The match against Jeju United on the 9th was another pain. The number of shots was 11-8, and the number of effective shots was 3-2. Following Yang Hyeon-jun, Kim Dae-won, and Lim Chang-woo, even Gallego seized a decisive opportunity. Unfortunately, the goal was never opened. On the other hand, Jeju’s counterattack collapsed in vain and lost 0-1.

The biggest concern is Threetop’s goal drought. Of the three goals, the only goal scored by an attacker was Gallego’s penalty kick. One goal was an own goal and the other was scored by right wingback Kim Jin-ho. Dino, who returned from injury, and Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-joon, who led Gangwon’s storm by recording 12 goals-13 assists and 8 goals-4 assists last season, respectively, are silent.

Director Choi did not attribute the reason to the outside world. He said, ahead of the Jeju match, “The intensive check on Yang Hyun-joon and Kim Dae-won is not severe. I am mistaken. There is a problem with judgment in a small area.” I didn’t,” he said.

Gangwon fell back to 11th place. The team below is Suwon Samsung. First of all, the biggest problem is that the water tail is bursting. Director Choi is also desperate. He said, “It’s regrettable that we missed a crucial goal opportunity due to our haste. The trend is to play a game where we score and win unconditionally, rather than earning points while keeping the K-League flow as it was in the past. I don’t want to,” he said.

Director Choi’s strength is tenacity that can bloom even in the wasteland. He doesn’t even despair. He said to start over again. Like last year, he knows better than anyone else that he must eventually untie a knot that has become entangled in the end.

“We have no choice but to trust and wait with patience. Just like last year, even if we d

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