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Jeonbuk players who played a big role in the Qatar World Cup had a meaningful time meeting with fans before preparing for the new season.

Reporter Song Ki-seong visited the scene.

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2 hours before the fan meeting.

The 600 or so fans who gathered early are happy to wait.

Receive a mug with the player’s face as a gift.

“What if I accidentally kiss you on the forehead while eating this?”

I carefully write down the things I’ve always been curious about.

[Park Min-seo]
“I have been thinking about something, but I was so nervous when I was about to write it down…”

From a student from Myanmar to a preparatory high school senior.

I ran one step to meet the players.

[Shah Sumi/Student from Myanmar]
“I was very interested in football after watching this World Cup… When we arrived at Incheon Airport from Qatar, we went together. I really like Kyu-Sung Cho…”

[Lee Yeon-hee·Kim Ji-hye·Kim Seo-hyun·Kim Yu-jin]
“Our high school students It’s 3! I’m here to cheer you on for this year’s college entrance exam. I love you oppa! Fighting for Jeonbuk Hyundai!” 온라인바카라

Cheers rang out whenever each player was introduced, and the players also enjoyed spending time with the fans.

[Baek Seung-ho]
“<Player Seung-ho Baek, I will turn 20 next year, so I want to get a resident registration card and a marriage certificate together.> You have to get permission from your mom and dad…”

Last season’s home performance was somewhat disappointing, but he promised that this year would be different.

[Cho Kyu-seong/Jeonbuk]
“I think we should show a good performance at the stadium. If many people come, we will repay them with good performances. Thank you.”

The Jeonbuk team, which has shaken off the lingering memories of the World Cup at the end of the fan meeting, will take on the challenge of winning a new season with a field training in Spain on the 16th.

This is Song Ki-seong from MBC News.

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