Seongnam FC, a professional football club, selected Kim Young-ha as a candidate for CEO through a contest.

Seongnam FC, which held a public contest for the CEO from the end of last month to find a leader who will lead the club’s new leap, selected Kim Young-ha, former head of the Hana Bank Sports Team, as the final CEO candidate through a fair and transparent process.

Candidate Kim Young-ha became an official sponsor of the Korea Football Association during his days at Seoul Trust Bank and had a relationship with soccer. He has contributed to the development of football. He also has a special relationship with the Seongnam region, serving as the branch manager of Hana Bank in the Seongnam region as well as the soccer world.

The interviewer who participated in the interview said, “A lot of great people participated. Among them, Candidate Young-ha Kim, a former sports team leader at Hana Bank, has a lot of experience leading the Korean soccer business for a long time. , and being able to operate a transparent organization as a financial person received high marks.” 온라인바카라

Shin Sang-jin, the owner of the club, promised fair and transparent management of the club, so even in the election of the CEO, he ordered the election through a public offering rather than direct appointment. A total of 14 people applied for the CEO contest of Seongnam FC, and 5 candidates were selected through document screening and interviews. In the interview, a total of four interviewers, including the director of the club and a member of the football world, evaluated the ability to operate the citizen club and the qualifications as a manager, and recommended candidate Kim Young-ha, who received the highest score, to the owner.

Candidate Kim Young-ha, who is scheduled to be confirmed at the general shareholders’ meeting and board of directors meeting in February, rebuilt Seongnam FC as a sustainable and advanced club through an interview process and presented a new paradigm for Korean football by adding Seongnam’s unique storytelling to the experience accumulated so far. He expressed his determination to do it.

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