Seo Yo-seop (27), who was called ‘Korea’s Koepka’ for hitting long shots over 300 yards on the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour, cited ‘exercise’ as the secret to achieving a lot of distance. Seo Yo-seop was so good at long hits that he was nicknamed after Brooks Koepka (USA), who conquered major tournaments one after another by hitting long hits on the PGA Tour. However, from 2020, the flight distance drew a downward curve, and Seo Yo-seop began to develop his strength through weight training and mountain climbing.

On the 11th, Seocho-gu, Seocho-gu, Seoul, attended the Carbonwood 2023 launching show of TaylorMade, a product sponsor, held at Gabitseom, Seocho-gu, Seoul, and was asked how to increase the distance, he said, “It’s a cliché, but regular exercise will be the most helpful.”

In addition, Seo Yoseob gave a tip saying, “Even a bean swing has a lot of influence on the distance.” Instead of trying to increase the distance while hitting the ball, you should make your swing speed faster with an empty swing. 먹튀검증

Seo Yoseob said, “I make an empty swing with a head or practice tool that is heavier than the driver, then an empty swing with a shaft or stick that is lighter than the driver, and then an empty swing with a driver. By alternating like this, if he continues to practice empty swings that he can make at least 100 percent of the time, he will feel an increase in head speed when he hits them with his driver.”

Seo Yoseop had a successful year by winning the Bodyfriend Phantom Robo Gunsan CC Open and LX Championship for two weeks in a row in August and September of last year.

Seo Yo-seop, who looked back, saying, “There are things I regret, but overall it was a good year.” He said, “I have never won three times before, so my goal this year is to win three times.” big. I will show you my progress every year.”

Jeong Chan-min (24), who hit 317 yards last year and became the king of long strokes, also agreed with Seo Yo-seop’s method. Jeong Chan-min added, “I think it’s important to hit far because it makes it easier to catch a short club and create a birdie chance.”

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