SSC Napoli of Italy’s Serie 안전놀이터A have decided the route. Rather than Kim Min-jae (27), who will leave soon, he will focus on the remaining Hvita Kvarachhelia (22).

Italian media Arena Napoli said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Europe’s big clubs like Kim Min-jae. Napoli do not want to send him unprepared, and will have checked possible alternative resources.”

Kim Min-jae, who is leading Napoli’s successful season this season, is highly likely to change the team once again after a year of transfer. Prestigious teams in the English Premier League (EPL), such as Manchester United and Liverpool, have already confirmed him, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of the French Ligue 1, which is the most financially affluent, is known to be eyeing Kim Min-jae.

Naturally, the buyout of 50 million euros (73.1 billion won) set for Kim Min-jae is regarded as a free pass. According to Italian media outlets such as Corriere dello Sport, Napoli is already considering signing Atalanta centerback Giorgio Scalvini (20) as an alternative to Kim Min-jae.

Scalvini, a native of Atalanta Youth, has been attracting attention as a leading role in the next-generation Italian national team as he has been active as a main player since this season after debuting on the first team stage in the 2021-2022 season. He has excellent passing skills to the point of playing as a defensive midfielder, so he was also promoted to the Italian national team.

In contrast to this move, Hvica Kvarachhelia, who signed a five-year contract renewal last month, is definitely planning to grow into a franchise star. Kvarachhelia also sent love calls from many big clubs, including Real Madrid, but agreed to stay with Napoli until June 2028.

Encouraged by this, Napoli set out to capture the heart of Kvarazhelia. “Naples plans to establish an academy in Georgia, the country of Kvarachhelia. Negotiations have already begun,” explained Arena Napoli. “Georgians are very attached to Naples because of Kvarachhelia.” did.

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