Al Nasr suffered a crushing loss to SL Benfica.

Al Nasr lost 1-4 in a pre-season friendly against Benfica on the 21st (Korean time). With this, Al Nasr collapsed again with a large score difference in the game against the European team after the previous 0-5 defeat against Celta Vigo. Angel Di María, Gonzalo Hamus and Andreas Cielderup scored for Benfica.

What drew more attention than the crushing defeat was the confrontation between Di Maria and Ronaldo. Di Maria and Ronaldo are former teammates at Real Madrid and are also from Manchester United. The two players who once roamed Spanish La Liga are now old and are living their lives at Benfica and Al Nasr, respectively, to finish their careers.

In this match, the scene where Di Maria beat Ronaldo with a nice touch in front of Ronaldo became a hot topic. With goals from Di Maria and Hamus giving Benfica the lead, Di Maria took some time to take on Al Nasr. Di María put Ronaldo in front of him who was running to put pressure on him, and with a concise touch he knocked the ball over his head and beat Ronaldo. Ronaldo committed a foul on Di Maria by pushing him back, then helped him up.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ pointed out that Ronaldo was from Sporting CP, Benfica’s rival. In fact, Ronaldo recently said, when asked about former teammate Di Maria’s playing for Benfica, “I won’t talk about that part. Any question about Sporting, I can, but I won’t talk about Di Maria.”온라인바카라

Meanwhile, Ronaldo was also controversial for his remarks after the friendly match against Celta Vigo. At the time, Ronaldo said that the quality of European clubs, excluding the English Premier League (EPL), had declined, and that the Saudi league would see a revival as many players recently moved to the Saudi Arabian league. At the same time, he was criticized by fans, saying that he was the one who opened the door to the Saudi transfer and that he would not continue his career in Europe in the future. Ronaldo spent his entire career in Europe before moving to Saudi Arabia.

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