On the 29th, Kim Min-jae posted a long apology on his Instagram.

Kim Min-jae said, “First of all, I apologize to the players and fans who must have been surprised by my remarks. When I started playing for the national team, I never took it for granted.”

He continued, “There is no game I did not work hard on because I had a small injury, because I had a long flight time, or because I had a lot of games and my body was tired.” I have become a player who thinks lightly without knowing the meaning, weight, and everything of the game.”

He said, “I was feeling a lot of pressure at the situation안전놀이터 where the weight of the national team, which I had just enjoyed, was getting bigger and bigger.” I wanted to tell you that it was difficult,” he explained.

He said, “I am receiving a lot of love, and I am well aware that I am a blessed player now, and I think it is something I have to overcome.” I would like to apologize once again. Thank you to the fans who always support the national team and come to the field.”

This is based on an interview that he wanted to pay more attention to his team in the joint coverage area after losing 1-2 in the game against Uruguay on the 28th.

Kim Min-jae said, “It’s hard. I’m in a state of collapse mentally (mentally) as well. For the time being, I’m going to focus only on my team.” “he said.

At the time, when asked by reporters, “Is the remark coordinated in advance?”, he did not explain in detail, saying, “I can’t say that it was coordinated.

After the remarks, some voices came out asking if Kim Min-jae was suggesting retirement from the national team, and netizens poured out criticism saying that he “does not qualify for the national team.”

Regarding this, the Korea Football Association (KFA) explained, “Kim Min-jae lost the game he wanted to win, and it seems that he said it because he didn’t feel like it.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae has been active as a key defender since moving to Naples, Italy last year. Napoli, to which Kim Min-jae belongs, is aiming for the league title for the first time in 33 years and has advanced to the quarterfinals of the European Champions League.

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