This is an unprecedented situation. A racial discrimination incident occurred at Ulsan Hyundai in the K League 1. The victim is Sasalak High Pracon (27, Buriram United), who played for Jeonbuk Hyundai in the past.토토사이트

Lee Kyu-seong and Park Yong-woo from Ulsan left racist comments on Lee Myung-jae’s Instagram post on the 11th. Regarding Lee Myung-jae’s good performance against Jeju United the day before, Lee Gyu-seong wrote, “The Southeast Asian quarter is strong,” and Park Yong-woo, “The sasalak form is crazy.” It compared Lee Myung-jae, who has dark skin, to a ‘Southeast Asian’.

When the controversy arose, the Ulsan club said in an apology, “We will hold a committee to identify the situation and reward and punish the situation as soon as possible, and take measures to prevent recurrence, such as training all members of the team.” The perpetrators, Lee Kyu-seong and Park Yong-woo, also wrote a statement of self-reflection on SNS (social media). Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo also lowered his head, saying, “I promise (I will try) to prevent a recurrence when this situation is over.” The club also apologized to Sasalak.

Ulsan Hyundai apology. (Photo = Ulsan Hyundai)

An apology posted by Park Yong-woo of Ulsan Hyundai on the morning of the 12th. Yongwoo Park’s SNS
Punishment against them is inevitable. An official from the Professional Football Federation said through this magazine, “We have to decide whether or not to refer to the reward and punishment committee and deal with it.” The perpetrator cannot play more than 10 games, and a penalty of more than 10 million won is imposed.” The Professional Football Federation, along with the Korea Football Association (KFA), is considering holding a reward and punishment committee regarding this case.

This case is not something to be taken lightly. The comments left by the players lightly left scars in the hearts of the players who made good memories in Korea. As this news has already been reported through many Thai media, Thai soccer fans are also angry.

The reason why it is difficult to predict the level of punishment is that it is an unprecedented incident in the history of professional football, which was launched in 1983. Although controversy over racial discrimination has occurred, it is the first time in 40 years of history that a case has been publicized and disciplinary action is being reviewed. The Professional Football Federation is deeply considering the level of punishment.

Racism is widespread in world football. Korean players playing abroad, such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), are also often targeted for discrimination. Big leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL) thoroughly investigate racial discrimination cases and impose severe disciplinary actions on perpetrators.

The K-League can use this incident as an opportunity to eradicate racial discrimination. We need to raise awareness among players about racism through discipline.

Hong Myung-bo, manager of Ulsan Hyundai. Photo = Professional Football Federation

On the 13th, Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said, “As a coach in charge of the team, I bow my head and apologize for the players causing controversy through personal SNS overnight after the last game.” He also apologized to Hyundai fans.

He said, “Racism is a global problem beyond football. It’s clearly a problem that needs to be eliminated. A problem was discovered, and I think that we can become victims at any time,” he added.

Sasalak, who suffered racial discrimination, posted on Facebook on the 13th, “I received a lot of criticism until I came to this place, but he didn’t care about those people. Because I know that there are many people who love and wait for me. Only they know what I’m fighting for, and they’re proud of me,” he said. Thank you to me and the fans. I have had enough of this,” he wrote.

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