Recognition is finally coming to those who play on the front lines of the field. The San Diego Padres’ Kim Ha-seong, 28, is on track to become the first Asian infielder to win a Gold Glove.

Baseball America, a magazine specializing in American baseball, released the results of its “MLB Best Tools 2023” poll on July 7 (KST).

Major League Baseball’s current managers, scouts, and senior executives were polled to determine the best talent in each category, as selected by those who are currently on the front lines of the game. For hitters, we broke it down into hitting, power, on-base percentage, bunts, walks, hit and run, and speed; for pitchers, we broke it down into fastball, curveball, changeup, control, strikeouts, and saves. The top three players in each category were mentioned.

Kim was named the National League’s “Best Defensive Second Baseman. Second place went to Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) and third to A.J. Albies (Atlanta Braves). These results show that Ha-Sung Kim has made a lasting impression on major league scouts with his defense and has been recognized for it. It is no exaggeration to say that he has been recognized as the best defensive second baseman in baseball.

The results of the on-field voting are supported by the data. Kim is proving to be the best second baseman in the game across multiple metrics. His +8 Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) ranks third among National League second basemen. He also has a +5 OAA (Outs Above Average), which ranks fourth among National League second basemen. While Kim’s numbers are down from the beginning and middle of the season, there is room for personal preference in the voting process.

In addition, Kim still ranks first in the SABR Defensive Index (SDI), a metric used by the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) to determine Gold Glove winners. As of Aug. 13, his SDI was 8.3, better than Bryson Scott (6.4) and Nico Horner (5.7). The Gold Glove is awarded based on 75% of the votes cast by managing coaches from all 30 major league clubs, combined with 25% of the SDI metric.

Baseball America named Kim the Defensive Player of the Year at second base, confirming that he is no longer just a San Diego star, but a national star. No longer the Awesome Kim of San Diego, but the Awesome Kim recognized by the entire Major League Baseball. And now, as the first Asian infielder to win a Gold Glove, the voters have more firmly etched his name in stone.

This year, Kim is having one of his best seasons in many ways. Already dubbed “San Diego’s MVP,” he has been a ray of light on a bleak team that is unlikely to make it to fall ball.먹튀검증

After being one of three finalists for the Gold Glove at shortstop in the National League last year, Kim was disappointed. While last year was a bit of an anticlimax, this year is a different story. If he actually wins the Gold Glove, he’ll reach a milestone in Asian major league history. And it looks like he’s not far off.

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