The Philadelphia 76ers made the expected decision.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, Philadelphia has fired head coach Doc Rivers.

Philadelphia 안전놀이터has done well enough this season. In the regular season, they finished 3rd in the Eastern Conference with 54 wins and 28 losses. He entered the playoffs with the third highest win rate in the league. However, they did not survive the playoffs this time either.

Philadelphia passed the first gate without difficulty. They ended the series early without losing a single game to the Brooklyn Nets. In the fourth round of the first round, Joel Embiid, who was injured, did not play, but he won the game and had enough time to prepare for the second round. On the other hand, the Boston Celtics, who were likely to meet in the Western Conference Semifinals, played the first round until Game 6.

After resting for about 10 days, I went to the second gate, so physically, Philadelphia had a considerable advantage. Embiid’s condition was the key, but even though he did not play, James Harden’s performance was the key to winning the first game. After that, they lost two games and were put in a crisis, but they won the 4th and 5th games, revealing the prospect of advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, there was no next round in Philadelphia.

Coach Rivers failed to keep the series lead in the playoffs again this time. Before taking the Phillies’ baton, he hit a lot with the Los Angeles Clippers, but he couldn’t keep it in Philadelphia either. Now counting seems embarrassing. Philadelphia, which has been in the playoffs for the past six years, has not been able to break through the second round even once.

In Philadelphia, Embiid was named MVP of the regular season this season. He revealed his prospects by working perfectly with Harden. Thanks to the Harden ransom cut, Philadelphia was able to take PJ Tucker and Daniel House without significantly increasing their spending. However, this time too, they suffered the bitter agony of being eliminated in the middle of the playoffs.

Philadelphia decided not to go along with Rivers. This is because there is a problem with renewing the contract with Harden, who is likely to become a free agent after this season. Harden signed a two-year deal last summer, reducing the size of his contract by more than $10 million a year. He has a player option available after the season. I had to catch Harden, and I decided to change his coaching system because I was disappointed with Coach Rivers.

Rivers took over as Philadelphia’s head coach in the fall of 2020. Philadelphia fired manager Brett Brown (coach of San Antonio) and hired Rivers as manager. During the three seasons, he achieved an outstanding record of 154 wins and 82 losses in 236 regular season games. However, in the playoffs, they only went 20-15 in 35 games. Philadelphia had to be content with advancing to the second round for the third year in a row.

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