On the 27th, the NC Dinos completed the annual salary contracts for 62 players in the 2023 team (excluding rookies and FA players). 

The player who showed the largest increase and decrease rate was ‘Ace’ Chang-mo Gu, who signed a non-FA multi-year contract last year, and stamped at 600 million won, up 216% (410 million won) from 190 million last season. In December of last year, Chang-mo Koo signed a non-FA multi-year contract worth up to 13.2 billion won in 6+1 years.  바카라

Except for Koo Chang-mo, who signed a multi-year contract, the player who recorded the largest increase in single-year contracts was Kim Si-hoon. Kim Si-hoon, who played the role of Pil Seung-jo by going back and forth between the starting and bullpen last season, stamped for 90 million won, a 200% (60 million won) increase from 30 million won, raising expectations for next season’s performance. 

Among the beasts, Oh Young-soo recorded the highest rate of increase. Oh Young-su, who received an annual salary of 30 million won last season, stamped at 60 million won, a 30 million won (100%) increase. 

Ha Jun-yeong 88% (40 million won → 75 million won), Kim Tae-gyeong 52% (33 million won → 50 million won), Kim Joo-won 50% (60 million won → 90 million won), Seo Ho-cheol 50% (30 million won → 4,000 won) 5 million won) and completed a contract for the new season at an increased amount. 

Pitcher Kim Young-kyu entered the first billion won annual salary after his debut. Kim Young-gyu, who received 95 million won last season, signed his first billion-dollar annual salary contract with a stamp of 140 million won, up 45 million won from the previous season. 

Pitcher Shin Min-hyeok, who was a player with an annual salary of 100 million won, also signed a new season stamp for 135 million won, up 13% (15 million won) from 120 million won, and Song Myeong-ki, who received 130 million won last season, signed a frozen contract. 

There was also a player who was hit by a wind cut. Park Seok-min, who was sluggish after receiving a disciplinary action for violating quarantine guidelines the year before last, signed a new season contract for 50 million won, a decrease of 650 million won from the previous 700 million won. The 93% cut recorded by Park Seok-min is the highest annual salary cut rate in KBO history. 

In addition, pitcher Shim Chang-min, who gave up his free agent rights due to poor performance last season, signed a new contract for 130 million won, down from 280 million won to 150 million won. signed a contract with an annual salary cut to 50 million won. 

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