Park Hang-seo (64), head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team, expressed his will to win the title by beating rival Thailand.

On the 12th (Korean time), coach Park Hang-seo said at a press conference in the first leg of the 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Electric Cup (Mitsubishi Cup) final, “It is the last game in Vietnam, but the players are motivated instead of burden.” He emphasized that he should have a grant.”

Vietnam will play the first leg of the Mitsubishi Cup final against Thailand on the 13th at 9:30 pm at Haoni My Dinh National Stadium in Vietnam. The second round will be held on the 16th. The team with the better score in the first and second rounds wins the championship. 먹튀검증

Coach Park Hang-seo led Vietnam to victory in the biennial tournament in 2018. Thailand is also a formidable opponent. He is a traditional strong player who has won six championships in total, the most in this tournament. He is the defending champion who also reached the top of the previous tournament.

However, in the meantime, Vietnam has shown a weak appearance against Thailand. The pain of defeat in the semifinals of the 2020 Suzuki Cup (now Mitsubishi Cup) held in December 2021 was great. At that time, Vietnam failed to challenge Thailand because it could not surpass Thailand. After losing 0-2 in the first leg, they drew 0-0 in the second leg.

Head coach Park Hang-seo has a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss against Thailand. After winning the King’s Cup in 2019, they haven’t won in three years.

Director Park Hang-seo’s desire for revenge also flared up. He said, “I have directed the Vietnamese national team and the U-23 national team for the past five years. We lost to Thailand in the first leg of the Suzuki Cup semifinals in 2020. Our goal is to pay off this debt,” he said. “I want to win with the players.” said.

There are more reasons why Vietnam should win. Head coach Park Hang-seo, who took over as head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team in 2017, puts down the baton after this tournament. We want to win this competition and reap the beauty of the end.

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