Women’s volleyball player Sohui Kang of GS Caltex is showing off her improved skills after overcoming surgery and injury.

Attention is focusing on whether Kang So-hui, whose shoulders are heavy due to foreign striker Moma’s injury, will lead GS Caltex to spring volleyball in the second half of the round.

This is reporter Park Ji-woon.


The fighting spirit of GS Caltex’s signboard outside hitter Kang So-hui is scary.

After undergoing abdominal surgery in July of last year, Kang So-hui could not participate in the cup competition held in August due to rehabilitation treatment, and was sluggish in the first and second rounds, perhaps because of the surgery. 스포츠토토

To make matters worse, at the end of last year he even suffered a shoulder injury during a game.

However, the aftermath of his surgery and injury did not last long.

Since his return, he has scored in double digits in seven consecutive games, rescued the team from a losing streak, and led the team to three consecutive victories.

Fighting spirit appeared as a record and ranked first among domestic players in the 4th round.

<Kang So-hui / GS Caltex Outside Heater> “I had a shoulder injury in the first round and was shaking a lot, but since I came back, I have no shoulder pain.”

Scary to find my skills, this time the team’s foreign main gun, Moma, suffered a knee injury, and Kang So-hui’s shoulders were also heavy.

<Kang So-hui / GS Caltex Outside Heater> “As an outside heater, I have to be good at receiving defense, serve well, and hit second-tier attacks well. Although I am busy with a lot of things to do, as an ace, I am trying to overcome it responsibly.”

GS Caltex lost to Pepper Savings Bank and Road Corporation at the end of the 4th round after three consecutive victories, perhaps because of the gap in which MoMA was missing.

GS Caltex, which is currently in 5th place, is ahead of the first game of the 5th round with leading Hyundai E&C on Thursday with MoMA returning.

<Kang So-hui / GS Caltex Outside Heater> “My personal and long-term goal is to go to spring volleyball, so I will accumulate a lot of points so that I can win many remaining games.”

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