“Oh my god”

I don’t know baseball life. When KT Kim Sang-soo met Lee Won-seok wearing a Kiwoom uniform as a trade, he exclaimed, “Oh my God.”

Kim Sang-soo and Lee Won-seok were players who ate together at the Samsung Lions until last year and were loved by Daegu fans.

Who would have imagined that the two players would wear different uniforms and share a deep hug at the Gocheok Sky Dome?

Lee Won-seok,메이저사이트 who came to Seoul after receiving the trade notification this morning, started as the first baseman at No. 5.

In an interview with reporters, he said, “I didn’t expect the trade either. I got a notification this morning and found out. It seems to have been one of the busiest days in recent years. As soon as I got the call from the morning, I went to the baseball field without hesitation, packed my things and got on the train right up so I could play baseball.” 

Kiwoom and Samsung give away reliever Kim Tae-hoon and receive Lee Won-seok and the 2024 rookie draft 3rd round pick. Lee Won-seok is expected to play an active part as a right-handed hitter who is lacking in Kiwoom, and is expected to fill the first baseman position. 

Kim Sang-soo gave a warm hug to Lee Won-seok, who is having the busiest day in recent years. Although professional baseball is a cold-blooded business world, the blue blood and camaraderie of former employers was warm. 

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