“Who am I and where am I from… ”

SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won (38) appeared on the YouTube channel Den Magazine on the 11th and ‘publicly sniped’ Park Chan-ho of the ‘Korean Express’, receiving criticism from fans. He hates Park Chan-ho because he used the ‘wrong logic’ that Park Chan-ho doesn’t seem to know the people’s gratitude.

In response,안전놀이터 commentator Oh Jae-won issued an official apology on his Instagram on the 12th. He said, “I also grew up seeing Park Chan-ho as an idol. His father and grandfather also cheered him on while waking up early in the morning. It is clear that not only the players in kbo now, but also the parents of those players supported Park Chan-ho. Because at that time he was a hero. The words of such a big star or great senior will resonate hundreds or thousands of times more than the words of a person like me (Oh Jae-won), and there will be many people who sympathize with them. So, what would it be like if he called them separately and gave advice instead of

publicly criticizing them?” In the end, he said that he wanted Park Chan-ho to call him separately instead of publicly criticizing him and give him advice when he was occasionally commentating on KBO league or national team games. Many of the responses say that they do not clearly understand what ‘thank you’ has to do with it.

Anyway, Commissioner Oh Jae-won showed an attitude of humbly accepting criticism. This attitude deserves high praise. Broadcasting commentators are broadcasters, and feedback on their broadcasts is essential. It is important not to make similar mistakes in the future. Commissioner Oh is well-received for his commentary itself, which is quite detailed and tailored to viewers. On the 12th, the Incheon SSG-Hanwha match relay schedule was scheduled, but it was reported that it was canceled.

What stands out in this situation is that there is no official response at all even after two days have passed since Park Chan-ho, who was shot by his juniors. Baseball fans visit Park Chan-ho’s social media such as Instagram and leave comments of consolation, but there is no other reaction either. The most recent Instagram post, which appears to have been made about three weeks ago, is a picture of him with his daughter Aerin. It is also ‘Two Much Talkers’. His love for his daughter is desperate.

An impressive line appears in a post that appears to have been written five weeks ago. This is a post written at the Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong publishing event, and if you look at it, you can get a little idea of ​​what Park Chan-ho is thinking recently. It is evident that he is not a person who speaks and acts lightly. Park Chan-ho said, “At the Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong publishing event. He gave his life for the country and benefited the country through his life. Honoring the ancestors is what the descendants do, and when they can do so, the ancestors are alive. Park Chan-ho, the first major leaguer, must raise his descendants well. When descendants, juniors, and chanho kids grow better and become better, the first record becomes an achievement. Achievements should be left behind and celebrated. He gets to know his wonderful ancestors and realizes the pride and greatness of their achievements.”

“I have to know who I am and where I came from, and I also think about who I will be and where I will go. Society made Park Chan-ho. The IMF has put its valuable armor on Park Chan-ho as a hero. And Park Chan-ho, wearing a heroic armor, struggles for the sake of the people. And he reciprocates through sharing in his new life, and through reciprocation, he learns the grace he received while living in an era. These days, I keep looking back on the path I’ve lived and thinking about the meaning of the steps I take on the path ahead.”

It means constantly introspecting and looking back at oneself and even worrying about the future. Commentator Jae-Won Oh and all members of society should think about it at least once. You can guess what kind of person Park Chan-ho is through the post he wrote before this incident happened.

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