“(King Doru) is not greedy at all.”

The answer of Park Chan-ho (28) of the KIA Tigers was unexpected.

Park Chan-ho was last year’s KBO League stolen base king. He recorded 42, beating Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom Heroes), who only scored 34온라인바카라, and won the second stealing title in his personal career, 3 years after 2019. He is one of the league’s best ‘big thieves’, but ironically, he doesn’t think much about stealing bases. Currently attending spring camp in Arizona, USA, he said in an interview with this magazine, “I have a direction as a player who can do 20 to 30 things at every important moment rather than running too hard to get first place.”

Park Chan-ho and Do-ru have an inseparable relationship. He even said to himself, “If you can’t steal the base, you can’t be a player.” However, this camp focused on something else. That’s ‘strength’. It is a training method that is a little far from stealing, but Park Chan-ho said, “Right now, when I evaluate myself, I am inferior to others and the part that needs to be improved the most is strength. It is for better performance.” I wonder if I can carry more. I’m paying attention to send a ball that can penetrate the middle right and left middle.

Currently, Park spends most of his training time on strength. He is so deeply into it that he is said to be insecure unless he does weight training. His choice is to compensate for his weakness (at-bat productivity), although sometimes strengthening his advantage (stealing bases) may be an easier way. So he is more difficult and tenacious. Park Chan-ho emphasized, “Even if (his batting performance compared to before) has improved, my record is not good on average.” He said, “It’s not about changing the hitting mechanism. Even if you hit the same, isn’t it different between using 80 when you have 100 power and 80 when you have 120? are doing,” he said.

The evaluation towards Park Chan-ho is improving every year. He said, “I want to be the first player to be mentioned when it comes to shortstop (I will grow further). I acknowledge my current position.” I think I can do it,” he said with a faint smile. He then expressed his confidence, saying, “I am paying a lot of attention to defense to play the (basic) defense that the coach orders.”  

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