referee suddenly stopped the game while Kimbrel was pitching in Philadelphia.

Call the ball over the pitch time limit.

Afterwards, Kimbrel, who stopped flowing,안전놀이터 asked the referee to change the ball, and catcher Real Muto held out his glove to ask for the ball…

Huh? The referee suddenly ejects the catcher.

It was an embarrassing situation where Realmuto suddenly pulled out the glove he had been holding out and threw the ball into the air, but the referee saw it as an insult due to dissatisfaction with the decision.

“I was sent off for taking off my gloves. I think that was an overreaction.”

Realmuto protested, saying, “I thought the referee was throwing the ball at the pitcher and took off his glove,” but to no avail.

In the end, I left the arena with a puzzled expression.

The head referee of this match said, “It was a situation that deserved to be sent off.”

In the future, we need to take a good look at the planting of the referee, right?

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