Liverpool are working hard to reinforce the midfield.

Liverpool’s season has been a series of hardships. Liverpool achieved success in their own way last season by finishing second in the league and runner-up in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), but they are suffering from sluggishness at the beginning of this season, recording a mid-table position in the league.

The biggest soybean as a factor is the sluggishness of the three jungwon combination of Henderson, Fabinyu, and Tiago. Despite the midfield problem, the bigger problem is that there is no midfield recruitment in the transfer market. Artur Melo was rushed to the transfer market last summer, but he suffered an injury right away and has not been able to play. 먹튀검증

Liverpool are betting life and death to reinforce their midfield. In the summer transfer window after this season, Borussia Dortmund plans to sign top prospect Jude Bellingham, but it is not 100% certain that big clubs such as Real Madrid are targeting him.

According to this, Liverpool are aiming for Matteus Nunes of Wolverhampton. Nunes moved to Wolverhampton ahead of this season. Born in 1998, Nunes, who spent three years at Sporting CP, also plays for the Portuguese national team. Ahead of this season, Wolverhampton was ambitiously recruited to escape the relegation zone, but the team is currently staying in the lower ranks and fighting a tough fight.

In fact, Liverpool also tried to recruit Nunes in the transfer market last summer with Wolverhampton. The British media ‘Telegraph’ said, “Liverpool was able to sign a contract with Nunes last summer.

The media then reported that Chelsea, like Liverpool, are also aiming to sign Nunes. Chelsea are similarly in a slump, running 10th this season. In particular, Jorginho and N’Golo Kante’s contracts expire this summer, but they have not yet signed a new contract, so their future is unclear. Liverpool and Chelsea, the traditional powerhouses of the English Premier League (EPL), are fighting an off-the-field nerve war over Nunes.

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