Michael Müller (58, Germany), the new head of the Korea Football Association’s new National Team Power Reinforcement Committee, expressed a positive opinion about the long-term contract of the new national team coach and the division-level composition.

Chairman Muller held an inauguration press conference at the Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 11th and said, “We will open a power reinforcement committee soon and discuss the appointment of a new coach.” We plan to start,” he said.온라인바카라

Regarding the possibility of a long-term contract for the new command tower or whether to form a division level, he expressed a positive opinion based on his personal opinion. Previously, in relation to the contract period of the new manager, the possibility of a 2+2 year contract was raised, rather than a guarantee of a tenure of about 4 years until the World Cup. There have been speculations that only a coach will be appointed instead of coaches due to budget issues.

When asked whether the contract period for the new coach would be guaranteed until the World Cup, like last coach Paulo Bento (54, Portugal), Müller said, “Nothing has been specifically decided yet, and I think it will depend on negotiations.” I think it would be better to sign a contract on a term basis,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of appointing the so-called ‘division-level’ coaching staff, he said, “The coach is very important as a leader. I think leading the coaching staff is also an important part.” added.

After taking office as a leader training instructor for the Korea Football Association in April 2018, Chairman Muller served as the association’s technical development chairman twice from the fall of that year. Later, after former chairman Lee Yong-soo resigned, he took office as the first foreigner strengthening chairman in history. Prior to coming to Korea, he served as a coach for the German Football Association for 10 years, coach for the German U-15 and U-18 national teams, and scout for the U-21 national teams.

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