Seongnam Sujeongcho lightly overpowered Seonilcho.

Seongnam Sujeongcho won 39-15 in a match against Yeochobu Seonilcho in the 2023 National Youth Harmony Basketball League Regional Competition held at Incheon Sangokbuk Elementary School Gymnasium on the 4th.스포츠토토

Lee Ha-jeong (10 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists) and Myung Seo-hee (10 points, 2 rebounds) played a big role and took the lead in victory, and Lee Da-eun (7 points, 6 rebounds) also showed off her presence.

On the other hand, Seonil Elementary School could not overcome the power difference with Seongnam Sujeong Elementary School. Except for Jang Si-eun (6 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists) and Yoo Si-yeon (4 points, 5 rebounds), no one stood out.

Seongnam Sujeongcho took the lead from the beginning of the game. He showed concentration on defense and tied Seon Il-cho scoreless in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Choi Yi-hwan and Lee Da-eun strengthened their offense, and Bang Min-kyung and Lee Ha-jeong added support. The third quarter was a stage for Myeong Seo-hee. He scored 10 points alone and performed a one-man show. Seongnam Sujeongcho, which continued its stable game, completed a sweeping victory by 24 points.

Meanwhile, in the match held at the gymnasium of Bibong Elementary School, Onyangdong Shincho beat Jeonju Seoil Elementary School 33-12. Heo Seo-yeon (12 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists) recorded a double-double, and Jeon Yu-ha (8 points, 12 rebounds) also showed off her presence.

Jeonju Seoilcho was not able to use its strength at all in the attack. Seohyun Lee (4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists) tried her best, but it was not enough.

In addition, Sajikcho, Hwaseocho, and Seoulsingilcho also harvested victories. Daeshincho, Daeguwolbaecho, and Yeongyeongcho also took a valuable victory.

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