Lebron James (38, LA Lakers) raised his son Bronie James (18).안전놀이터,

On the 7th, LeBron revealed his love for his son on his social network service (SNS), saying, “It is definitely better than some cats I watched in League Pass today.”

LeBron was able to watch many games while missing a game due to tendon pain in his right foot. And LeBron caught people’s attention with his half-joking, half-serious words. LeBron’s words caused a lot of speculation among NBA fans about who he was referring to.

Earlier, LeBron was known for his love for Broney James. When LeBron signed an extension with the Lakers, he revealed that he would like to play alongside Broney, or at least play in the league at the same time. LeBron has added a player option to his contract for 2024. As a result, wherever Broney joins, Lebron is likely to move to that team.

Meanwhile, until last year, Broney was predicted to be nominated in the second round, but is recently expected to be nominated in the first round in the 2024 NBA Mock Draft.

Many experts, including ESPN’s draft reporter Jonathan Giboni, gave Broney more than 4 stars (up to 5 stars).

Broney, who has an excellent ability to read the path of the pass like LeBron, is active as a primary defender by further increasing his upper body frame. Broney also developed his playmaking ability while retaining his existing strengths of 3 & D (three-point shooting and defense). Therefore, Brony showed potential for growth as a shooter capable of assisted handling.

However, it will not be too late to evaluate Bronie after he has played the college stage.

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