“I’ll work harder and do better as you support me.”

Infielder Park Kyung-soo (KT Wiz) vowed to keep up the good work after receiving a coffee tea from fans to celebrate his 2000th KBO game.

KT Wiz Park in Suwon is hosting a game between the Hanwha Eagles and KT on the 8th.

Before the game, a coffee van stood at the entrance to the home team’s dugout on first base. Fans had sent it to congratulate Park on recently reaching the 2,000-game milestone in his KBO career.

Park, who made his professional debut in 2003 with the LG Twins, has been playing for KT since the 2015 season. As of eight games ago, he has a career batting average of .249 (5558 hits, 1386 at-bats) with 160 home runs and 713 RBIs in 2003 games. His OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) is 0.739.

Most notably, Park reached the 2,000-game milestone in his KBO career on April 2 against the Suwon SSG Landers. This was his 18th career milestone in the KBO.먹튀검증

After receiving gifts to celebrate his milestone, Park said, “Fans from 20 years ago and fans from KT prepared coffee tea for me. I’m really grateful for their unwavering support,” he said, adding, “I knew I had to do better. All of the players drank the coffee tea on a hot day, which kept them cool. We will do our best to do better as long as the fans continue to support us,” he said.

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