The Korean men’s handball team finished in 28th place at the 28th International Handball Federation (IHF) World Men’s Championship, in which a total of 32 countries participated.

Korea, led by coach Hollando Freitas (Portugal), had a close match against North Macedonia in the match for the 27th place on the 14th day of the tournament held in Płodsk, Poland on the 25th (local time), but lost 33-36.

As a result, Korea had to be satisfied with 28th place in this tournament in which 32 countries participated. South Korea ranked 31st in the 2021 World Championships, where university selections participated, and 22nd out of 24 participating countries in the 2019 competition, where a unified North-South team participated. Korea’s highest ever record at the Men’s Handball World Championships was 8th out of 24 countries in the 1997 tournament. 스포츠토토

In the middle of the first half, Korea was pulled behind by 11-17. However, goalkeeper Park Jae-yong (Sangmu Phoenix) made a save and Kim Jin-young (Ademar Leon) and Jin Yu-seong (Incheon City Corporation) revived their goals, and the first half ended with a 19-20, one-point lead.

In the 6th minute of the second half, Jin Yu-seong and Jo Tae-hoon (Doosan) scored consecutively to tie the score at 23-23, and then in the 12th minute, Park Jae-yong saved and Kim Jin-young scored, and Korea succeeded in turning the game around for the first time in the day.

However, in the 16th minute of the second half, Kim Jin-young was sent off for 2 minutes and Korea was outnumbered, allowing the turnaround again. To make matters worse, Kang Jeon-gu (Doosan) received a red card with 8 minutes left in the second half, putting them in a more difficult situation and unable to turn the game around.

Although the game was lost, South Korea’s Jin Yoo-seong scored 8 goals, and goalkeeper Park Jae-yong blocked 12 of the opponent’s shots.

Meanwhile, the semifinals of the tournament, co-hosted by Sweden and Poland, were narrowed down to European countries such as France-Sweden and Spain-Denmark. Among Asian countries, Bahrain ranked the highest at 16th. It ranked 22nd in Qatar, 24th in Iran, and 29th in Saudi Arabia.

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