Kim Yeon-kyung, the empress of volleyball, stepped out to help the juniors of the national team.

She wears the Taegeuk mark as an advisor and does not spare her advice while training together.

The volleyball national team struggled with 16 losses in international competitions after veterans retired.

To help her juniors, Kim Yeon-kyung put on the Taegeuk mark again.

Official title is national team advisor,카지노사이트

[Kim Yeon-kyung / national volleyball team advisor: I think it’s nice to wear clothes with the Korean flag on them. I think it’s really good.]

She helps with training on the court and gives advice.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Volleyball National Team Advisor: We are talking about directions and opinions on how we can do better on the international stage. I’m talking a lot in many ways.]

When asked if I wanted to run myself, I laughed, but

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Volleyball National Team Advisor: I hear a lot of questions like that, but rather than wanting to run, now I can help more. I’ve been thinking a lot about what would happen.]

A volleyball empress who says she’s more comfortable when she’s a player.

[Kim Yeon-kyung / Volleyball National Team Advisor: I’m thinking about it again, but I’m learning a lot through this advisor. The directions I’m going in the future, wouldn’t those things be a lot of help?]

The atmosphere is friendly with the presence of a reliable senior.

[Park Jung-ah / Captain of the national volleyball team: What title should I call? We call her Yeonkyung unnie, but is it okay to call her that in front of so many cameras?]

[Kim Yeongyeong / Volleyball National Team Advisor: There are kids who call me member, and they call me advisor, sister, and advisor. ]

Kim Yeon-kyung, the empress of volleyball, has now taken a step back and become a support force.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, we are cheering for our juniors to tell us about medal news.

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