Shinhan Bank succeeded in winning two games in a row and started to regain second place.

Incheon Shinhan Bank tied the performances of Sonia Kim and Jinyoung Kim in the 2022-23 Shinhan Bank Sol Women’s Professional Basketball that took place at the Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on Friday the 3rd to win 76-69 against Busan BNK, which Hanbyeol Kim fought hard.

As a result of the day, Shinhan Bank recorded 12 wins and 10 losses with two consecutive wins, and jumped to third place with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. BNK suffered 9 losses (13 wins), but maintained second place by one game.

1st Quarter, Shinhan Bank 19-15 BNK: Kim Tae-yeon, who hit the mark, leads by 4 points

. Kim Tae-yeon was selected as the starting lineup.

The start of Shinhan Bank was good. Shinhan Bank, who set the height with Kim Tae-yeon as a starter, blocked the run by adding an effective man-to-man, and the players took turns scoring, leading 8-0 at 2 minutes and 20 seconds. BNK showed disappointment in their concentration in the beginning, and had to let go of the flow in the beginning. When 2 minutes and 30 seconds passed, the operation time was taken, and Han Umji succeeded in scoring the first goal of the game with a bottom-of-the-goal shot.

Afterwards, both teams exchanged goals one by one. Shinhan Bank responded with Kim Jin-young’s jumper, and BNK responded with Han Um-ji’s 3-point shot. Shinhan Bank took a 10-7 lead and spent 5 minutes.

The goal was rarely scored, and Shinhan Bank ran away with a 3-point play by Sonia Kim. BNK went over two minutes without adding a point. With two minutes left, Shinhan Bank took a 16-7, 9-point lead with Kim Tae-yeon’s 3-point play.

1 minute and 50 seconds before the end, BNK fired an additional point with a free throw by Kim Han-byeol and fired a signal flare for pursuit, and narrowed the score to 15-19 with Lee So-hee breaking through and a 3-point shot by Kim Han-byeol. Shinhan Bank had to be content with taking a 4-point lead.

2nd Quarter, Shinhan Bank 35-30 BNK: Shinhan Bank running away, BNK chasing BNK,

despite their absolute rebound advantage 안전놀이터, could not reduce the score gap. Shinhan Bank led 24-15 with Sonia Kim’s 3-point shot and a goal in the paint zone. After 2 minutes, BNK finally scored, and Shinha Bank had to use the rebound as a keyword to take the operation time.

BNK continued the chase. Lee So-hee and Kim Si-on scored 3 points in a row, effectively taking the defense under the goal and narrowing it down to 23-27, 4 points. It seemed that Shinhan Bank was slowing down and handing over the flow to BNK.

Beyond the mid-point, Shinhan Bank exerted its strength. After Kim Tae-yeon scored a goal with a quick break, Sonia Kim jumper split the rim to lead 31-23, 8 points. It seemed to run away. BNK immediately caught up. Jinan and Kim Si-on scored by 4 points.

Afterwards, the two teams traded points, and the game turned into a one-possession game. The 3-point throw by Kim Han-byeol split the rim, 33-30, and Shinhan Bank led by only 3 points, and the game moved towards the end.

Shinhan Bank was ahead by 5 points. It was a result that was slightly ahead of the attack concentration.

3rd Quarter, Shinhan Bank 65-49 BNK: Ideal offensive balance, Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Bank took the lead by 11 points with Sonia Kim and Kyung-Eun Lee scoring 3 consecutive points 44-33. Shinhan Bank continued to run away. Shinhan Bank, which lost a point to Kim Han-byul, took a 50-35, 15-point lead with a quick attack with Han Chae-jin’s cut-in following Sonia Kim’s jumper.

When 2 minutes and 30 seconds passed, it was the score, and BNK had time to reorganize their lines while taking the operation time.

Shinhan Bank did not miss the upward trend. 5 minutes passed without losing the lead by 15 points, such as responding with quick attacks. At the end of the 5th minute, Shinhan Bank led 52-37. BNK tried to reduce the score difference, but could not find a turning point throughout the air defense.

With 3 minutes left, Shinhan Bank led by 19 points, 60-41 with 3 beads. BNK missed consecutive shots and failed to even defend, giving them a lead by a large margin. It was a clear crisis.

Shinhan Bank did not lose its momentum. With a 65-49, 16-point lead, the third quarter was settled.

4th Quarter, Shinhan Bank 76-69 BNK: 2nd consecutive win Shinhan Bank started to break away from 2nd place, but 

BNK gained strength. They tied the run for 2 minutes and narrowed it down to 53-65 with Ahn Hye-ji’s 3 points and Kim Han-byeol’s free throw. In addition, there was also an income to return Kim Tae-yeon to the bench with a 5-foul penalty. As the two minutes passed, Lee So-hee started the jumper. Shinhan Bank, frustrated by the attack, moved the bench. took action time.

It was the flow of Shinhan Bank again. Lee Kyung-eun and Kim Sonia’s relay 3 stores exploded. It was Shinhan Bank leading 71-57. BNK rarely had a chance to counterattack.

With about 4 minutes left before the end, BNK rallied. Starting with Kim Si-on’s free throw, Jinan jumper and Kim Han-byeol’s 3-point shot made the score narrower to 66-75, 9 points. With 3 minutes remaining, Shinhan Bank briefly passed the crisis. Kim Ah-reum made a free throw, and spent more than a minute blocking the run. With 1 minute and 57 seconds remaining, BNK took the operation time for a reversal. It was the last.

I gave my last strength. Jinan popped the jumper. Shinhan Bank committed a turnover. With about a minute left, the BNK attack failed. There were no further changes. Shinhan Bank succeeded in winning 2 in a row. 


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