While interest in Kim Min-jae’s destination is high, Naples’ local leading media claimed that Chelsea, in addition to Manchester United, are aiming for Kim Min-jae, and that the two teams are competing.

The Neapolitan newspaper메이저사이트 ‘Il Martino’ published on the 12th, ‘Where does Kim Min-jae go? Through an article titled ‘Man Utd and Chelsea are ready to offer,’ it was announced that the two big clubs in the Premier League were in the race to sign Kim Min-jae.

Last summer, Kim Min-jae was an indispensable Napoli champion in the 2022/23 season. Kim Min-jae, who transferred from Turkiye Fenerbahce to Napoli, Italy, for a transfer fee of 20 million euros (29 billion won) last summer, stood at the center of Napoli’s lifting of the championship trophy after 33 years with an unexpected performance.

However, since Napoli is not a huge club with a lot of money, there are not a few love calls for Kim Min-jae. In addition, Kim Min-jae also has a buyout clause of 70 billion to 100 billion won. It is true that it is regrettable from Napoli’s point of view after trying to use and send Kim Min-jae for a year. So, at one time, we considered renewing the contract to raise the salary and remove the buyout clause, but Kim Min-jae did not respond.

In the midst of this, the newspaper cited Chelsea as a strong candidate to take him in addition to Manchester United.

“At the ‘Scudetto (Serie A championship) party’ held on the 8th at Maradona Stadium (Naples home stadium), all the audience sang “Kim! seaweed! The newspaper, who shouted “Kim!”, predicted that Min-jae Kim’s transfer was likely, saying, “But his future is still a question mark.

‘Il Martino’ continued, “Among the clubs interested in him, Man United is active.” “Chelsea is also rushing to bring the best defender in the Italian league here. There are other English clubs, so Kim Min-jae’s summer transfer “The market is hot,” he said.

Chelsea made a name for themselves with big investments, spending 1 trillion won in the transfer market this season. There is a possibility that Kim Min-jae will wear a blue uniform instead of red in the Premier League.

He also said, “As the successor to Kim Min-jae, Atalanta defender Giorgio Scalvini is the first choice,” and “(Japanese defender) Itakura Go and other players playing in foreign leagues can be recruited.”

It turned out that Chelsea appeared when Manchester United was poised to finalize the transfer of Kim Min-jae next month. On the same day, Bayern Munich, the most prestigious club in Germany, is also determined to recruit Kim Min-jae, so all of Europe is expected to pay attention to his destination.

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