The courtship of English Premier League (EPL) teams for Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) is getting hotter. Manchester United, which seemed to be at the forefront of the recruitment battle, has a new opponent. It is predicted that Newcastle United, which boasts powerful capital, will seduce Kim Min-jae with a bag of money.

British media ‘The Hard Tackle’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Manchester United will be willing to pay 56 million euros (about 81 billion won) to bring Kim Min-jae. However, Newcastle also wants to sign Kim Min-jae. Newcastle We will be competing with Man Utd.”토토사이트

Kim Min-jae changed his uniform from Fenerbahce to Napoli just before this season and entered Serie A. He performed his best from the beginning without even needing a period of adaptation. The media said, “It did not take much time for Kim Min-jae to be called the best central defender in Serie A. When Fenerbahce arrived at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona (Napoli’s home stadium), Kim Min-jae’s name was hardly known.” He jumped into Serie A and played a big role and helped Napoli win.”

Kim Min-jae has played in 33 league games and recorded 16 clean sheets so far after the 35th round of the league. Last September, two months after the transfer, he also won the Serie A Player of the Month award, which is rare for a defender. Napoli lifted the scudetto after 33 years since 1990, backed by a solid defense led by Kim Min-jae.

The media explained why Manchester United wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae. “Harry Maguire’s future is uncertain. Lindelof may leave to increase his playing time. Rafael Baran has revealed his physical problems this season,” he said. About 11.5 billion won) was proposed.” It is said that Kim Min-jae has both power and speed enough to succeed in the English Premier League (EPL). Coach Eric ten Haag is said to be thinking of recruiting Kim Min-jae to strengthen the central defensive line.

The media predicted, “There is no problem with Manchester United’s recruitment conditions. However, Man United will have to compete fiercely with Newcastle for Kim Min-jae.”

Newcastle became the world’s richest club in 2021 when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia became the owner. After the acquisition of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF), it has been recruiting outstanding players based on its strong financial power. Through the transfer market last winter, they brought in several quality players across all positions, including Kieran Trippier and Bruno Guimaraes. With three games left this season, it is in third place, pushing out the Big 6, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. It is also advantageous to advance to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season.

Man Utd and Newcastle are expected to put all their efforts into recruiting Kim Min-jae based on their strong capital. The media said, “As Newcastle prepares to part with central defender Jamal Lascelles, Kim Min-jae has emerged as a new option. However, with Manchester United ready to trigger Kim Min-jae’s 56 million euro buyout, Newcastle must also make a decisive move. Newcastle also It is a team that can spend 56 million euros,” he said. “It is interesting to see whether Kim Min-jae will remain at Napoli or move to Manchester United or Newcastle.

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