“I think this year will be the busiest year. I think I will accumulate a lot of international mileage.”

On the 19th, when the name ‘Kim Min-hwi’ (31) was found on the list of players for the final match of the Asian Tour Qualifying Tournament held in Thailand, the golf world was stirred. It was because it was unimaginable for Kim Min-hwi, who was a leading player in Korean men’s golf, to participate in the Asian Tour seeding match.

Kim Min-hwi, a former national representative, won two gold medals at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2012 Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Rookie of the Year Award. With his manly appearance, sturdy physique, and sophisticated iron shot, he was once evaluated as the player who will be responsible for Korean men’s golf on the PGA Tour. Such Kim Min-hwi finished 10th in the QT that was held for 5 days and comfortably won the Asian Tour seed.

In a recent interview with E-Daily, Kim Min-hwi said lightly, “Actually, the Asian Tour seed was selected to participate in the Korn Ferry Tour (PGA 2nd division) when there was no competition.” Since the Korn Ferry Tour will be on hiatus for 5 weeks from mid-February, Kim Min-hwi tried to participate in the Asian Tour, which is actively held at this time, in preparation for a drop in performance. He explained, “Anyway, the reason the schedule is empty for five weeks is because it is burdensome for the players.” At the cautious guess that he thought it was a plan to play mainly on the Asian Tour, Kim Min-hui emphasized, “This year’s main stage is the Korn Ferry Tour.”

From January, Kim Min-hwi’s clock ran fast. He trained with QT in Thailand for about a month in January, returned to Dallas, USA, where he was at his home at the end of January, and moved to Panama on the 29th without a break. He starts the season in earnest with the Korn Ferry Tour in Panama in early February, plays in Colorado, USA, and then moves to Qatar in mid-February to compete in the Asian Tour. In early March, he flies to New Zealand and Thailand to play. Later, in mid-March, he returned to the US to continue his Korn Ferry tour.토토사이트

Kim Min-hwi smiled and said, “I think I’ll have to take a lot of international flights this year.” I will try to bump into it,” he said, reaffirming his determination. He explains that the Asian Tour is unfamiliar to him and he has to learn everything from event registration to hotel reservations, but everything is a process he must go through to get new opportunities. This is because if he becomes the Asian Tour prize money champion, a new path can be opened, such as inviting major tournaments and participating in the DP World Tour (formerly the European Tour).

Minhwi Kim has been active on the Korn Ferry Tour for the fourth year this year. He suddenly became sluggish because of a herniated disc in his back. Kim Min-hwi, who suffered from disc symptoms from her neck to her waist, lost her PGA Tour seed as the pain worsened in 2019, and her back condition deteriorated significantly in 2020 when she went down to the Korn Ferry Tour. His condition was so severe that he suddenly collapsed while walking. However, at the time, hospitals and airports were all shut down in the aftermath of Corona 19, and he could only be examined at the hospital after 5 weeks. He later returned to Korea and underwent back surgery.

A herniated disc in his back changed his body shape, reducing his height by 2 cm. The doctor told me to take a break for about two months after surgery, but Kim Min-hwi, who plays on the Korn Ferry Tour with relatively few matches, couldn’t afford that. He was desperate enough to compete in the competition five weeks after surgery. Kim Min-hui was bitter at the time, saying, “I found myself flipping over with only the upper body like his grandfather in his 90s.” He added, “The Korn Ferry Tour is such a place where there is a lot of regret if it doesn’t go to a tournament.”

Even now, Minhwi Kim has 7 discs lurking from her neck to her waist. Kim Min-hwi said, “The disk is a time bomb that doesn’t know when it will explode. It’s not easy because he always has to manage it well, but he’s working hard with the mindset of re-entering the PGA Tour.” He stressed that his goal is to earn a PGA Tour card on the Korn Ferry Tour, and that he wants to be in the top 3 in prize money on the Asian Tour.

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