Pitchers in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) cried and laughed in their second appearance of the season.

Four pitchers, Kwang-Hyun Kim (SSG Landers), Chang-Mo Koo (NC Dinos), Eui-Ri Lee (KIA Tigers), and Yoon-Sik Kim (LG Twins) started the KBO League game on the 8th and played the second game of the season. 

Most of these have been poor in their first league matches. 안전놀이터Koo Chang-mo struggled against the Samsung Lions on the 2nd with 7 hits and 6 runs in 4⅓ innings, and Kim Yun-sik also struggled with 2 runs in 1 inning against the KT Wiz on the same day. On the same day, Lee Eui-ri pitched relatively well with 1 earned run (3 runs) in 5 innings against SSG, but the content was not good, such as committing 6 four-running pitches. Only Kim Gwang-hyun, who started the opening game (1st), showed a good appearance with 1 run in 5 innings. Due to the sluggish performance of the players, there was no choice but to talk about the aftereffects of the WBC. 

How was the second appearance? 

Kim Yun-sik, who was replaced early after 1 inning in his first game, fulfilled his mission by showing perfect pitches in 5 scoreless innings in the second appearance. Kim Yun-sik, who started against Samsung in Jamsil that day, faced a crisis with one out and a base loaded in the third inning with two hits and a walk, but overcame the crisis by catching Kim Dong-yeop with a double play. He gave up a walk after one out in the 4th inning, but no additional runs were allowed, and he did his part in the 5th inning as he withdrew with a three-way offense. He came down the mound with a 1-0 lead and fulfilled the victory requirement. 

Gu Chang-mo could not overcome the last crisis and could not laugh. Koo Chang-mo, who started against the Changwon Kiwoom Heroes, threw 107 pitches in 4⅔innings and was knocked out early with 7 hits, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts and 4 runs. Koo Chang-mo was hit by Lee Jung-hoo in the first inning and brought himself into a full base crisis by walking three times in a row in the second inning, but overcame the crisis with one run. He also faced a bases loaded crisis after allowing a run in the third inning, but finished the inning without allowing any additional runs. Koo Chang-mo threw more than 100 balls in the 5th inning and tried to meet the requirements for a winning pitcher, but was forced to go on base and allowed a run with two errors, and the victory flew as the bullpen allowed a tie. 

Kim Gwang-hyun was also not good. Kim Gwang-hyun, who started the mound against the Hanwha Eagles that day, struggled with 8 hits, 4 walks, 1 strikeout and 5 runs while throwing 70 pitches in 3 innings. After Kim Gwang-hyun hit a home run by Chae Eun-seong in the second inning, he lost a run on a sacrifice fly in a crisis with two straight walks. Kim Gwang-hyun, who was hit by three consecutive hits in the third inning and allowed three more runs, overcame the ensuing crisis with a full base, but was knocked out early in the fourth inning. 

Eui-ri Lee was also released early. Again, Sasagu caught his ankle. Lee Eui-ri, who started against the Gwangju Doosan Bears, threw 77 pitches in 3 innings, giving up 2 runs with 2 hits, 5 walks, and 5 strikeouts. Lee Eui-ri, who started the first inning smoothly with two strikeouts, prevented the bases loaded crisis with three consecutive walks in the third inning without allowing a run, but failed to overcome the aftermath of consecutive walks by the lead batter in the fourth inning and was beaten. After giving a timely hit to Song Seung-hwan, he came down the mound safely at first and second base. Afterwards, Ui-Ri Lim brought one of Eui-Ri Lee’s successors home, and Eui-Ri Lee’s runs increased. 

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